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Florida Panthers Vs. Buffalo Sabres @ The Bank Atlantic Center
Pictures & a video from the Florida Panthers Vs. the Buffalo Sabres NHL hockey game held on 12-4-08 in Sunrise, FL.

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Bank Atlantic Center

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I've never considered myself to be much of a hockey fan, but I have always been interested in going to watch a game in person.

When I heard about the Florida Panthers First Timer program, I immediately went to their website and signed up to receive two free tickets for the upcoming game against the Buffalo Sabres on December 4th 2008.

The next day I received an email with instructions for picking up my two free tickets at the Panthers First Timer table.

The game was held at the Bank Atlantic Center located in Sunrise Florida near the Sawgrass Mills Mall.

We arrived just after the 7:30 PM game start time and there was still plenty of free parking. It only took a few minute to pick up our two free tickets, get some beers, and find our seats.

Ice Hockey Rink
Slap Shot
Fighting Around The Goal
Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-007 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-008 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-009
Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-010 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-011
# 31 Goalie
# 31 Craig Anderson
Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-013 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-014 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-015
Panthers Cheerleaders
Struggle For The Puck
Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-019 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-020 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-021
Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-022 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-023 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-024
Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-025 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-026 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-027
Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-028 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-029
Rally Rat Fan Dance Off

Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-031 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-032
# 30 Sabres Goalie Ryan Miller
Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-034 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-035 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-036
Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-037 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-038
Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-040 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-041 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-042

I captured some short video clips of the game with my Canon S5 IS digital camera and edited them together into a short movie. The video is encoded in the WMV (Windows Media Video) format, runs about a minute long and has a file size of 24 MB (megabytes). To view or "stream" the video, click on the link below. To download the movie to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Florida Panthers Vs. Buffalo Sabres NHL Hockey Game Video Clip
Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-043 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-044 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-045
The Florida Panthers won this game against the Buffalo Sabres with a final score of 2 goals to one. It was a fun experience and we really enjoyed being around such enthusiastic fans. If you've never been to a game, I highly recommend you take advantage of the Panthers First Timer program. Some of the upcoming Florida Panthers home games are against the Avalance on 12-21-08, the Predators on December 23rd, the Lightning 12-26, the Canadiens 12-29, the Hurricanes 1-8-09, the Thrashers 1-10-09, the Flyers 1-16-09, and the Canadiens again on 1-29-09.
Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-046 Florida-Panthers-Vs-Buffalo-Sabres-Hockey-Game-047
Decorative Green Light Poles
Bank Atlantic Center Entrance
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