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Ford Escape Vanity Mirror Light Bulb Replacement Guide
How to replace a burnt out vanity mirror light bulb in a second generation 2008 to 2012 Ford Escape SUV with pictures.

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Sun Visor - Mirror Cover
Flip Open Mirror Cover
Gently Pry Out Lens Cover
This automotive "how-to" guide was specifically written to assist owners of the 2nd generation (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012) Ford Escape SUV in replacing a burnt out vanity mirror light bulb, or upgrading them both to brighter LED units.

Owners of other Ford, Lincoln, Mercury or related Mazda vehicles such as the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Taurus, Mustang, Edge, Explorer, C-Max, Expedition, F-150, E-150, E-350 Wagon, Flex, Transit Connect, MKZ, MKX, MKS, MKT, Milan, Grand Marquis, Mariner, Mountaineer, Navigator, and Mazda Tribute may also find these DIY instructions to be helpful.

A replacement vanity mirror light bulb "should" be either a miniature wedge base type bulb such as the # 168, 175 or 194 or it may be a cartridge (fuse / festoon) style bulb such as the TS-14V1.5CP or # 6614F.

The only tool needed to access the vanity mirror light bulb is a small flathead screwdriver or a plastic pry bar tool.

Ford-Escape-Vanity-Mirror-Light-Bulb-Replacement-Guide-004 Ford-Escape-Vanity-Mirror-Light-Bulb-Replacement-Guide-005 Ford-Escape-Vanity-Mirror-Light-Bulb-Replacement-Guide-006
Insert the blade of the small flathead screwdriver and gently pry out the translucent plastic lens cover.

Once I removed the lens cover, I was expecting to see a small fuse type bulb or a miniature wedge base bulb (part # 168, 175, or 194).

Instead I saw the very small round light bulb shown above in Picture # 4. It could not be pulled out. Even after disassembling the vanity mirror housing and breaking off some of the surrounding plastic, the bulb could still not be removed.

I called a Ford dealership and spoke to several people in the parts department. They had never heard of such a bulb and insisted that the Ford Escape vanity mirror light bulbs are either the round wedge base bulbs or the small cylindrical fuse type bulbs which are both easily replaced.

This 2011 Ford Escape used to be a rental car vehicle, so it's possible that "fleet" models are equipped differently.

If your Ford Escape has a standard vanity mirror bulb such as the fuse type shown above, gently pull out the old one and push in a new # 6614F, ACDelco 13502343 or TS-14V1CP bulb into the socket. Then snap the lens cover back in to place.

Ford Fusion Map Light Bulb - Par # 168, 175, 194

If your Escape has a standard miniature wedge base bulb such as the one shown in the thumbnail image above, gently pull the old one straight out of the socket and push in a new # 168, 175 or 194 bulb. Then snap the lens cover back in to place.

If your Ford Escape has this odd non-replaceable bulb, please continue with the guide at your own risk.

Remove Two Screws
Pull Out Vanity Mirror
Bulb Attached To Rear
To replace this burnt out bulb or upgrade it to a brighter LED unit, you'll first need to remove the two Phillips head screws.

Then pull the vanity mirror assembly out of the sun visor.

Pull Light Off Mirror Housing
Ford-Escape-Vanity-Mirror-Light-Bulb-Replacement-Guide-011 Ford-Escape-Vanity-Mirror-Light-Bulb-Replacement-Guide-012
As far as I know, the old bulb can not be pulled out of the socket and it seems to be hardwired in place.

I'd recommend first disconnecting the vehicle's 12V battery so that you don't give yourself a shock of electricity.

Then you'll have to cut the red "+" and black "-" power wires that connect to the black plastic light bulb housing.

Ford-Escape-Vanity-Mirror-Light-Bulb-Replacement-Guide-013 Ford-Escape-Vanity-Mirror-Light-Bulb-Replacement-Guide-014 Ford-Escape-Vanity-Mirror-Light-Bulb-Replacement-Guide-015
Choose a new bulb type that fits in the existing light housing or modify the vanity mirror assembly to accept whatever conventional incandescent or LED bulb you have chosen.

Attach the black and red power wires.

Secure the wires in place either by soldering them or with electrical heat shrink tubing.

(Please note, I chose to not replace the original OEM bulb since it was working properly.)

Ford-Escape-Vanity-Mirror-Light-Bulb-Replacement-Guide-016 Ford-Escape-Vanity-Mirror-Light-Bulb-Replacement-Guide-017 Ford-Escape-Vanity-Mirror-Light-Bulb-Replacement-Guide-018
Test that the new bulb works by flipping open the vanity mirror cover.

Leave it on for at least 10-15 minutes to be sure that it will not heat up and melt the plastic housing or ignite a fire.

Re-insert the vanity mirror assembly, tighten the two Phillips head screws and snap the lens cover in to place.

For more, please check out my other Ford Escape Repair & Maintenance Guides.

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