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1994 Ford Mustang Cobra - For Sale
Pictures of my brother's 1994 Ford Mustang Cobra that he is selling in Gainesville Florida.

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The Car Has Been SOLD! - Congratulations to the new owner of this excellent 1994 Ford Mustang.

This is my brother's 1994 Ford Mustang Cobra which is currently for sale in Gainesville Florida. Gainesville is about 2 hours North of Orlando, and 5 hours South of Atlanta on I-75.

The car has been garaged most of it's life and only has ~73,000 miles. It has the original Rio Red paint job with a black leather interior.

My brother is the third owner of the car. He purchased it in April of 2000 when it had 42k miles on the odometer. SOLD



1994 Ford Mustang Cobra


The paint is in pretty good condition with the exception of a scratch on the hood, chips on the front bumper cover, and a mildly faded rear bumper cover. He had a bra cover on the car that hides most of the paint defects. You’re more than welcome to have the bra along with the car.

1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-008 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-009 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-010
1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-011 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-012 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-013

AFR 165 aluminum cylinder heads
1.6 FRPP Roller Rockers
Comp Cams XE270HR Cam (Part #35-351-8)
Ported lower intake
Powerbond SFI Balancer
Taylor 8mm Ignition wires
S.P.E.C. Stage 1 Clutch
UPR Clutch Quadrant

Pace Setter X-pipe
Flowmaster Force II 2.5” Catback

FRPP Strut Tower Brace
Global West Competition Sub-frame connecters
Global West Caster/Camber plates
New 2003 Cobra front lower control arms
Tokico Struts & Shocks
New Bullitt coil springs
New Bullitt sway bars (front and rear)
Energy Suspension polyurethane end links and sway bar bushings
255/45/17 Bridgestone RE730 Tires (3/4 of the tread left)

1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-014 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-015 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-016
1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-017 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-018 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-019
1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-020 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-021 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-022
1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-023 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-024 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-025
1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-026 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-027 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-028

1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-029 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-030
Ford Mustang Suspension
1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-032 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-033 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-034
1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-035 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-036
Black Leather Interior
Mach 460 Stereo
Mustang Instrument & Gauges
1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-039 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-040

The interior is in very good condition. No broken plastic pieces and only a few scuffs and scratches.

The driver’s leather seat has the usual cracking, but no tears or wear marks.

The Mach 460 sound system works perfectly and sounds great.

1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-041 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-042 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-043
1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-044 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-045 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-046
5.0 Liter Cobra V8 Engine
1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-048 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-049

Mechanically, the car is in excellent condition. The motor is original and very strong, making 315 hp to the rear wheels.

The only issue with the motor is a small oil pan leak.

The T-5 transmission is original and in perfect working order.

The new suspension my brother installed over the summer rides and handles like a dream. SOLD

1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-050 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-051 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-052
1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-053 1994-Ford-Mustang-Cobra-054
Mustang Strut Tower Brace


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