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Fun Ford Weekend Gainesville Florida
Pictures from the Fun Ford Weekend Mustang car show & drag racing event at the Gainesville Raceway in Alachua County Florida.

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Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-01 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-02 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-03
Nitrous Blown Engine
My brother is a Ford Mustang enthusiast who owns a rare 1993 Saleen Fox-Body supercharged 5.0L V8 and also a 1994 Ford Mustang Cobra with the bulletproof 5.0 Liter engine.

I went with him to the Fun Ford Weekend drag racing and car show event that took place at the Gainesville Raceway in Alachua County Florida to take some pictures.

In the parking lot of the Gainesville Raceway there were about 60 custom Ford Mustangs on display and also a few antique Fords and a couple of Ford Trucks.

After checking out the Mustangs in the parking lot, we walked towards the drag strip and the spectator bleachers to watch some drag racing.

Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-04 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-05 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-06
In the first race that we watched a driver triggered his Nitrous Oxide or NOS system prematurely and the engine blew up with a shower of sparks.

The Gainesville Raceway track workers rushed over with chemical fire extinguishers to put out the engine fire. I guess he was preoccupied thinking about all the cash prizes that are awarded at each Fast Ford Weekend for winning races.

Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-07 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-08 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-09

Each year the Fun Ford Weekend starts off their drag racing event season at a track in Florida and allows a special one time class of "Spring Break" cars.

The "Spring Break" class at FFW are all out race cars with the only requirement being that they have insurance, license plates and a vehicle registration.

Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-10 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-11
Smoky Mustang Burnout
This year the "Spring Break" event is being held at the Orlando Speedworld Dragway near the University of Central Florida (UCF).

All the other drag racing classes at the Fun Ford Weekend have a different set of rules to keep the competition fair.

The other classes include the Pro, Outlaw, Renegade, Bandit and Warrior cars who compete for points and prizes during each drag racing season.

Stangs Drag Racing
Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-14 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-15
The Fun Ford Weekend is organized by the American Autosports Productions company and also sponsored by the Muscle Mustangs & Fast Ford magazine.

Other sponsors of the FFW event are Procharger, Borla, BFGoodrich, Superchips, RPM and BamaChips.

At most events there is a vendors section where you can browse the latest Mustang performance parts and purchase some items on the spot for your muscle car.

Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-16 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-17
Front Wheels Lifted
Most of the major Ford fanatic markets get their own Fun Ford Weekend such as Orlando, Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, Virginia, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, and California. I guess the Midwest part of the USA is more into the bowtie Chevy muscle cars.


Antique Ford Car
Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-20 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-21
Lowered Ford Ranger
For all the Mustangs that don't want to go through tech inspection and pay entry fees to drag race, there was a mobile dyno on hand for testing and tuning their vehicles.

Besides the all out shootouts, racers could also participate in time trials, showdown eliminations, and bracket racing.

Saleen Mustang Cobra
Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-23 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-24
Shelby Cobra Replica
Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-25 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-26 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-27
Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-28 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-29
Gainesville Raceway
Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-31 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-32 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-33
Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-34 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-35 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-36
Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-37 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-38
94 Cobra & 93 Saleen
Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-40 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-41
Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-43 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-44 Fun-Ford-Weekend-Gainesville-45
Saleen Mustang Photo Shoot
I hope to see you at the 2016 Fun Ford Weekend!

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