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Fuzion ZRi Automotive Tires Review
My opinion of the Bridgestone/Firestone Fuzion ZRi tires that replaced my Bridgestone Potenza RE730 tires.

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When I bought my 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP galaxy silver sedan from Pines GM & Pontiac in Pembroke Pines Florida, the car came with Eagle RS-A tires from the factory.

They were decent tires but I wore them out in 20,000 miles and I couldn't wait to get some quality rubber on the 16 inch torque star wheels.

My next set of tires were the Bridgestone Potenza RE730 tires that cost about $115 each plus shipping from Tire Rack.

I would have bought them locally but no one could match Tire Rack's price.

Worn Out Potenza RE730
Fuzion-ZRi-Tires-Review-05 Fuzion-ZRi-Tires-Review-06
Brand New Fuzion ZRi Tires

The Bridgestone/Firestone Potenza RE730 tires were fantastic compared to the OEM rubber Eagle RSA tires.

But after 25,000 hard driven miles, I once again needed new tires.

A tech at Tires Plus informed me of a new brand of tires named Fuzion that were manufactured by Bridgestone & Firestone.

The ZRi model was supposed to be the same as the old RE730 at almost half the price.

I picked up four of them, again from TireRack for about $56.00 each plus UPS shipping. I had the tires mounted a few days later at a local shop.

Fuzion-ZRi-Tires-Review-07 Fuzion-ZRi-Tires-Review-08 Fuzion-ZRi-Tires-Review-09

Since then, I've driven the car with the new Fuzion ZRi tires for a few thousand miles and they feel just as good as the more expensive RE730 rubber.

The ride is still supple and luxurious with plenty of grip, traction and a predictable amount of slide when cornering hard.

The Fuzion ZRi is labeled as a "ultra high performance summer tire", which is fine with me because there's no way that I'm driving anywhere in the snow.

I've got South Florida blood and I try to keep myself in tropical climates at all times.

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