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Chevrolet Traverse Engine Air Filter Replacement Guide
How to clean or replace the engine air filter in a 2009 to 2012 GM Chevy Traverse SUV with the LLT 3.6L V6 motor.

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Traverse Engine Air Box
Remove Torx T25 Screws
Six Screws In Total
This automotive "how-to" guide was specifically written to assist owners of the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 GM Chevrolet Traverse crossover SUV equipped with the LLT 3.6 liter V6 motor in cleaning or replacing the engine air filter element.

Owners of other General Motors vehicles from GMC, Saturn, Buick, and Cadillac such as the Acadia, Terrain, Sierra, Yukon, Savana, Outlook, Verano, Regal, Lacrosse, Encore, Enclave, Spark, Sonic, Cruze, Malibu, Impala, Camaro, Equinox, Tahoe, Suburban, Colorado, Avalanche, Silverado, ATS, XTS, CTS, SRX, and Escalade may also find these DIY instructions to be helpful.

A few compatible engine air filter elements with their part numbers are as follows: ACDelco A3083C, Fram CA10110, Wix 49634, Pentius PAB10110, Purolator A66313, Hastings AF1377, Mann Filter MA 1243, and K&N # 33-2394.

The tools needed to replace the air filter include a Torx T25 "star" bit screwdriver and also a flathead screwdriver.

6th Screw Hidden
Detach Air Intake Hose
Remove Oil Cap & Cover
The air box is located at the back right (driver side) of the engine bay.

There are six Torx T25 "star" bit screws holding the top half of the air box to the bottom half.

Remove the 5 visible screws around the perimeter of the air box using the Torx T25 screwdriver and set them aside in a safe place.

The sixth and final screw is hidden below the air intake hose. Loosen the metal hose clamp that holds the air intake hose to the air box.

Then twist off the engine oil filler cap and pull the black plastic engine cover off.

Loosen Hose Clamp
Air Intake Hose Removed
Remove Last 6th Screw
Loosen the hose clamp that holds the air intake hose to the engine throttle body.

Remove the air intake hose.

Now you can access the sixth and final Torx T25 screw holding the top half of the air box in place.

Remove the screw and set it aside with the other five.

Six T-25 Screws Removed
Pull Out Red Lock Tab
Disconnect IAT Sensor


Disconnect the connector for the IAT (intake air temperature) sensor, by first sliding back the red lock tab.

Then press the black release tab and slide the connector straight off the socket.

Lift Off Top Half
Old Engine Air Filter
Lift Out Filter Element
Lift off the top half of the air box and set it aside.

Pull out the old engine air filter element and inspect both sides of it.

Inspect & Clean Filter
Insert New or Cleaned Filter
Replace Top Half of Box
If your old filter looks relatively clean such as the one pictured above, tap out the large debris and clean it with a vacuum before re-installing it.

If your old filter is dark grey or black and clogged with dust, dirt, hair, leaves, insects and other debris, it should be replaced with a new element.

I recommend buying the OEM GM ACDelco A3083C engine air filter since it has excellent reviews on Amazon.

If you'd rather have a re-usable filter, go with the K&N # 33-2394 filter which will need to be washed and re-oiled every 50,000 miles.

Insert the cleaned filter or a new air filter back into the bottom half of the air box.

Replace the top half of the air box and make sure that it is flush with the bottom half all the way around.

Tighten 6 T25 Screws
Re-Connect Breather Hose
Air Box Breather Attached
Tighten the 6 screws with the Torx T25 screwdriver.

Re-attach the air intake hose to the air box and the throttle body. Re-connect the air box breather hose.

Tighten Air Intake Clamp
Tighten Hose Clamps
Re-Connect Sensor Plug
Tighten the two hose clamps with the flathead screwdriver.

Push the IAT sensor plug back in to the socket and slide the red locking tab forward.

Push On Engine Cover
Twist On Oil Filler Cap
Engine Filter Replaced
Push the black plastic engine cover back into place and twist on the oil filler cap.

For more, check out my other Chevrolet Traverse Repair & Maintenance Guides.

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