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Galveston Island, Texas, USA
Pictures and visitor information from a trip to Galveston Island, located in Galveston County, Texas, USA.

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The city of Galveston is located on a barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico coast of south east Texas. It spans 27 miles and is no more than 3 miles wide.

Visitors can cross over to Galveston Island via the Interstate 45 highway or by taking a ferry from Bolivar Peninsula to the Galveston Harbor.

One interesting aspect of Galveston Island is how the residents refer to themselves and other residents by the acronyms IBC (Islander By Choice) or BOI (Born On Island).

A few of the popular tourist attractions on Galveston Island include Moody Mansion, The Strand Shopping Center, Moody Gardens, Schlitterbahn Water Park, the Texas Seaport Museum, the Lone Star Flight Museum, Galveston Island Railroad Museum, Stewart Beach, and Seawolf Park.

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Rainforest Cafe
Some more Galveston Island attractions are the Galveston Island State Park, the Historic 1894 Opera House, the Colonel Paddlewheel Cruises, the Historic Downtown District, the Pier 21 Theater, Haak Winery (Sante Fe), the Mardi Gras Museum, the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum, the Treasure Isle Tour Train, Poretto Beach, The Seawall, East Beach, and the Rosenberg Library.
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Galveston Island also hosts some annual  or special events including the Galveston Winter Quilt Show, the H20 Rodeo, the Krewe Babalu Annual Mardi Gras Ball Dance,  Spring Break, Musikfest, Oktoberfest, the Greek Festival, the Lone Star Motorcycle Rally, ARToberfest, the Holiday Tree Lighting Spectacular, Galveston Uncorked!, Galveston Island Mardi Gras, and the Galveston Island Food & Wine Festival.
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Galveston Island is located about 250 miles (4 hours) from San Antonio, 300 miles (5 hours) from Dallas, 315 miles (5.5 hours) from Fort Worth, 215 miles (4 hours) from Austin, and about 56 miles (1 hour) from Houston.
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Landry's Seafod & Steaks
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