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Gold Coast Roller Derby Grrls - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Pictures & a video clip of the Gold Coast Roller Derby Grrls Vs. the Sintral Florida Derby Demons in Broward County, Florida.

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Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-001 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-002 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-003
After we saw the popular movie "Whip It" (with Ellen Page from "Juno"), I thought it would be interesting to go see a local roller derby girls match in Fort Lauderdale.

These pictures were taken at the Gold Coast Roller Rink during a match between the Sintral Florida Derby Demons and the Gold Coast Derby Grrls.

Tickets for the match were only $8 per person purchased at the pre-sale discount price online.

The Gold Coast Roller Skating Rink is located at 2604 South Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. To reach the staff by phone, call (954) 523-6783.

The Gold Coast Roller Derby Grrls also now have home games at the Coconut Creek Casino.

If you'd like to try out the sport, make sure you get some cool roller skates and a helmet to protect your head.

Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-004 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-005 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-006
Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-007 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-008 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-009
Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-010 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-011 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-012
Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-013 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-014 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-015
Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-016 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-017 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-018

Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-019 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-020 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-021
Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-022 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-023 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-024
While watching the Gold Coast Derby Grrls Vs. Sintral Derby Demons match, I recorded a few short video clips with my Canon S5 IS and edited them together into a short movie.

To view or "stream" the video, click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Gold Coast Derby Grrls Vs. Sintral Florida Derby Demons Video Clip

Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-025 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-026 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-027
Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-028 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-029 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-030
Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-031 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-032 Gold-Coast-Roller-Derby-Grrls-Ft-Lauderdale-FL-033
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