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Habana Nights Cuban Restaurant & Lounge - Hialeah, FL
Pictures and visitor info from a trip to the Habana Nights Cuban Restaurant & Lounge in Hialeah, Miami-Dade, Florida.

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Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-001 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-002 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-003
Habana Nights is a popular restaurant and lounge that features authentic Cuban food along with international cuisine and live music or other performers.

The restaurant is located in a suburb of Miami at 1255 West 46th Street, Hialeah, FL 33012. For reservations or general inquiries, you can reach the staff by phone at (305) 698-8998 or (305) 698-2585.

Habana Nights' two chefs, Roberto Rordriguez and Orelvis Sossa, were internationally trained and have worked in prestigious locations such as the French presidential house.

From Thursday through Sunday, diners can enjoy live shows suitable for all ages. Saturday nights are when locals flock to Habana Nights for the comedy shows and live musical performances.


Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-004 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-005 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-006
Some of the specials on the menu this night at Habana Nights included Pechuga de Pollo Grille (grilled chicken breast), Filete de Pescado a la Plancha (grilled fish filet), Palomilla a La Cubana (Cuban style thin steak), Pechuga de Pollo a la Milanesa (fried chicken breast with cheese and tomatoes), and Filete Dolphin Relleno con Camarones (dolphin filet stuffed with shrimp).
Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-007 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-008 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-009
A few of the past and present performers at the Habana Nights Restaurant include El Pible, guitarist Alexis, the Los del Barrio orchestra, Lourdes Nuviola, Amaury Gutierrez, Rey Ruiz, Oscar D' Leon, Danny Lozada, Alexis Valdes and many more.

The restaurant also occasionally features karaoke nights where diners can get up on stage and sing for the crowd.

Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-010 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-011 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-012
Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-013 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-014 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-015

Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-016 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-017 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-018
Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-019 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-020 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-021
Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-022 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-023 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-024
Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-025 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-026 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-027
Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-028 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-029 Habana-Nights-Cuban-Restaurant-and-Lounge-Hialeah-FL-030
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