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Halloween 2010 - Seminole Hard Rock
Pictures & a video from Halloween 2010 at Passion & Opium nightclubs at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL.

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Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-001 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-002 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-003
Once again, we chose to visit the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood to celebrate Halloween 2010.

It seemed like the rest of South Florida also made the same decision judging by the huge line of cars waiting to enter this popular dining and entertainment complex.

For the first time ever we had to park on the other side of Stirling Road at the tobacco shop rather than in the large outdoor parking lot or the massive multi-level garage.

We started off by first getting our wrist bands at Opium Nightclub and then at Passion Nightclub.

That allowed us to easily walk around the outdoor areas, check out everyone's crazy, scary and risque Halloween costumes, and pop back into either club.

The night concluded with the Opium Nightclub Halloween Costume Contest.

A guy dressed as a very realistic "Hellboy" won first place.

Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-004 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-005
Opium Nightclub Stage
Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-007 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-008 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-009
Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-010 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-011 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-012
Avatar Guy
Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-014 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-015
Kick Ass & Hit Girl
Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-016 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-017
Reno 911
King Jaffe

Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-020 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-021
Fifth Element
Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-026 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-027
During the night, I captured a few short video clips and later edited them together into a short movie. To view the video, click on the blue link below. To download the file to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Halloween 2010 Video Clip - Opium & Passion Nightclubs

Gypsy Belly Dancer
Avatar Girl
Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-031 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-032
Wonder Woman
Snookie & Mario
Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-034 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-035 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-036
Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-037 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-038
Hell Boy
Katy Perry & Pocahontas
Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-040 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-041 Halloween-2010-Passion-Opium-Hard-Rock-Hollywood-FL-042
Scary Clown & Elvis
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