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Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios - Orlando, FL
Pictures from Halloween Horror Nights 2003 held at the Universal Orlando Resort on the Islands of Adventure park.

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Halloween-Horror-Nights-Orlando-FL-001 Halloween-Horror-Nights-Orlando-FL-002
The "Halloween Horror Nights" series of events began in 1991 as "Fright Nights" and then the name was changed to the current one for every year after the first.

Over the years, Halloween Horror Nights, has expanded from a 3 day event to one that spans from September to November.

Although every year has a different theme, new characters, slogans or catchphrases there are always the same key ingredients such as haunted houses, scare zones, mazes, festivals and lots of crazy Halloween costumes.

The 2003 Halloween Horror Nights that I attended with some friends from college had a theme centered around "The Director", a spooky filmmaker with an event slogan of "The Director Will See You Now".

Some of the attractions in Universal Studios were transformed into haunted houses such as Kongfrontation, Revenge of the Mummy, Poseidon's Fury, and JAWS.

All of the "scarezones" had clever names like Immortal Island, Boo-Ville, Night Prey, Hide & Shrieeek, Toxic City, All Nite DrIvE In, and Screamhouse Revisited.

Halloween-Horror-Nights-Orlando-FL-005 Halloween-Horror-Nights-Orlando-FL-006
Foam Machine
If you're a fan of scary movies, Halloween costumes, haunted houses, I highly recommend you check out the Halloween Horror Nights event either in Orlando Florida or Hollywood California.

My group of friends and I decided to rent a vacation house in Orlando rather than get hotel rooms or drive back to the University of Florida late at night.

The house had 3 bedrooms with two pullout couches for only $100 a night and just a short drive away from Disney World, Epcot, or the Universal Orlando Resort.

Water Tunnel
Halloween Horror Nights Actor
Universal Studios Theme Park

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