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Hapuna Beach State Park - Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii
Pictures and visitor info from a snorkeling trip to Hapuna Beach State Park in Kamuela, Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii.

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Hapuna Beach Parking Lot
Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-002 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-003
Hapuna Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii with golden brown sand and excellent snorkeling just off the shore.

We drove about 45 minutes (30 miles) to reach Hapuna Beach from our vacation rental in Kailua-Kona. The entrance to Hapuna Beach Road is located just before mile marker # 69 on Hwy 19 (Queen Kaahumanu Highway) on the Kohala Coast.

The parking lot is large and there is no entrance fee for this state park. Visitors are welcome at Hapuna Beach from 7 AM to 7 PM every day of the year.

Just steps from the parking lot is a gorgeous half mile stretch of sand that is light gold to golden brown. The beach is about 200 feet wide from the water's edge to the tree/grass line.

Paved Path To Beach
Picnic Shelter & Tables
Palms & Shade Trees
There are lifeguards on duty, but take care during the winter as the waves can become dangerous with strong rip tides.

We visited in June so the water was calm and the visibility while snorkeling was excellent.

Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-007 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-008 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-009
Hapuna Beach is not known for being an excellent snorkeling spot, but the scenic beauty of the beach more than made up for the modest amount of sea life in the area.

Although we did see a green sea turtle just before exiting the water!

The best snorkeling at Hapuna Beach is a long swim out along the rocks on the southern or northern ends of the beach.

But to play it safe, we never swam out of the calm protected waters of the bay which is out of sight of the lifeguards.

Lifeguard Tower
Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-011 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-012
Golden Brown Sand
Besides snorkeling, other recreational opportunities at the 61 acre Hapuna Beach Park include sunbathing, swimming, body surfing, board surfing (winter), and picnicking.

Sunset watching is also very popular at Hapuna Beach since it faces almost due West.

Yet another fun thing to do at Hapuna is to explore the lava tubes and caves that are on the cliffs at each end.

Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-013 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-014 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-015
Some of the amenities at Hapuna Beach State Park include concession stands, restrooms, showers, shaded picnic pavilions with tables, lifeguards on duty, a snack bar, cabins, chair rentals, umbrella rentals and BBQ pits.
Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-016 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-017 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-018
A few of the hotels or resorts close to this park in the Kohala Coast region are Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, Mauna Kea Golf Resort, Hilton Waikoloa Village,

The Fairmont Orchid Hawaii, Paniolo Greens, Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, and the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai.

Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-019 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-020 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-021
Coral Formations

Snorkeling Off Beach
Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-023 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-024
Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-025 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-026 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-027
Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-028 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-029 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-030
Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-031 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-032 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-033
Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-034 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-035 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-036
Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-037 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-038 Hapuna-Beach-State-Park-Kamuela-Kohala-Big-Island-Hawaii-039
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