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Hogan's Great Sandwiches - Gainesville, FL
A tribute to my favorite sub shop, "Hogan's Great Sandwiches", located in Gainesville near the University of Florida.

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Hogan's Sandwich Menu
Hogan's Storefront Sign
Ever since once one of my first college roommates introduced me to Hogan's Great Sandwiches, I had always gone back at least once a week during my four years at the University of Florida.

Unlike some of the chain sub sandwich places, Hogan's offers big subs (or hoagies or grinders depending on where you're from) packed with lots of meat and condiments for a very reasonable price.

My favorite choice on the Hogan's menu was the # 8 Turkey Breast & Roast Beef combo with Provolone cheese, hot pressed and "All The Way" condiments, which means a little of everything.

I'd also recommend you try their tasty Cuban Sandwich.

The last time I was up in Gainesville, you could get a 6 inch sub for $3.75 and a 12" for $5.95.

Compare those prices to the sandwiches at Subway, Quizno's & Schlotzsky's.

#8 12" ATW Pressed $6.75

Lots of Meat & Fresh Condiments


Hogan's Great Sandwiches & Bar has two locations in Gainesville and now also one in Tampa.

The shop that I frequented can be found at 2327 NW 13th Street Gainesville, FL 32609 in the Albertson's Plaza. 

If you're looking for a place in Gainesville suitable for that memorable first date or other special occasion, check out my review of Steve's Cafe Americain.

(Steve's Cafe is now closed.)

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