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Fresh Homemade Spicy Salsa Recipe Guide
How to create a very flavorful homemade salsa by using a blender, fresh vegetables and hot jalapeño peppers.

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Fresh Jalepeno Peppers
Ends Trimmed, Cut Open
Seeds Removed
If you've ever had really fresh salsa at an authentic Mexican restaurant, then you know how great it tastes compared to the stuff at the supermarket that has been sitting in a glass jar for who knows how long.

We first blended up our own fresh salsa a few years ago and have been hooked ever since.

I hope to one day get a high power blender such as a  Vitamix or Ninja.

Although the recipe changes slightly every time, it always results in a salsa that is packed with fresh flavor and just the right amount of heat.

Some of the ingredients that we commonly put into our fresh salsa include jalepeno peppers, green/red/yellow bell peppers, cilantro, tomatoes, yellow or red onion, garlic, lime juice, basil, corn, and avocado.

We use our old Oster blender to quickly mix up these ingredients but a food processor would be better. You could also just finely chop up the veggies with a sharp knife and mix them in a bowl.

Roasting Jalepeno Peppers
Red & Orange Bell Peppers
Bell Peppers Chopped Up
The first step is to wash the jalapeño peppers, trim off the tops and bottoms, cut them in half lengthwise, and wash out the seeds inside. If you prefer your salsa to be extremely hot, just leave the seeds inside the jalapeños. Place the jalapenos into the toaster oven or regular oven set to about 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit.
"Culantro" (Cilantro)
Minced Cilantro Leaves
Fresh Tomatoes
Then mince / chop / dice the cilantro, tomatoes, onion, garlic, bell peppers, and any other items you feel like tossing into your salsa. Dump all of the ingredients into your blender or food processor, but don't blend them yet. We prefer to leave the tomatoes out until the very end so that there are small chunks of tomatoes in the salsa.
Diced Tomatoes
Yellow Onion
1/4 Chopped Onion
By now the jalapeno peppers should be nicely roasted with a bit of brown or black coloring on the edges. Remove the tray from the oven and allow them to cool down for a few minutes before slicing them into smaller pieces and tossing them into the blender.


Add Ingredients To Blender
Roasted Jalepenos
Chop Up Jalepenos
If you like your salsa to be somewhat chunky, just blend for a split second and mix up the ingredients with a wooden spoon before blending again for a split second. Try to avoid blending too much so that you don't end up with a runny salsa soup. If you'd like your salsa to be super chunky, just skip the blender or food processor all together and chop up the ingredients finely by hand.
Add Jalapeños
Blend & Mix Repeatedly
Add Tomatoes Last
Try serving this slightly chilled salsa with corn tortilla chips that have been warmed in the oven. Some homemade bean dip and sour cream also make great accompanying items. Enjoy!
Mix/Blend In Tomatoes
Ready To Eat
Salsa On Tostitos Chip
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