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Homestead CCS Race December 2002
Pictures from the CCS sportbike motorcycle race at Homestead-Miami Speedway in South Florida 12-7-02.

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After our first track day with Penguin Racing in 2001, a few of my friends really got interested in sportbike motorcycle racing.

I'm happy with some track time once or twice a year and weekend rides out to deserted country roads. My motorcycle enthusiast friends from Orlando are older and wealthy so the racing bug bit them hard.

They went all out by buying track only bikes, Ohlins shocks, race rubber and other modifications designed to quicken their lap times around a track.




Homestead-Miami Pits
These pictures are from the CCS practice session on Saturday December 7, 2002 at Homestead-Miami Speedway. In the first two pictures in this row, you can see my friend's Yamaha R6 lower bodywork filled with rocks from the gravel traps. Those traps are designed to drastically reduce a rider's speed once he has crashed or gone off the track. It's better to scratch your bike up and get a few bruises then to slam your motorcycle into a wall.
Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0007 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0008 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0009

If you're a photography enthusiast, you're probably wondering what camera I used. I took these photographs with a Nikon D100 digital SLR camera and a Nikkor 70-300mm zoom lens with a Tiffen polarizing filter.

Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0010 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0011 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0012
Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0013 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0014 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0015
Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0016 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0017 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0018
Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0019 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0020 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0021
Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0022 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0023 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0024

Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0025 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0026 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0027
Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0028 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0029 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0030
Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0031 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0032 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0033

All of these pictures are from the "fishbowl" turn at the Homestead-Miami Speedway in Homestead Florida.

Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0034 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0035 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0036
Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0037 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0038 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0039
Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0040 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0041 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0042
Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0043 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0044 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0045
Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0046 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0047 Homestead-CCS-Motorcycle-Race-0048
Homestead Miami Speedway CCS Race Video Clip

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