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Honda Fit (Jazz) Door Panel Removal & Speaker Replacement Guide
How to remove the front door panel and replace the speaker in a 2nd generation 2009 to 2014 Honda Fit or Honda Jazz.

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Honda Fit Door Panel
Door Handle & Lock
Remove Door Handle Screw
This automotive "how-to" guide was specifically written to assist owners of the 2nd generation (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014) Honda Fit or Honda Jazz vehicles in removing the interior door panels in order to add soundproofing material or replace the OEM stock speakers with higher quality units.

Owners of previous generation 2001-2008 Fit or Jazz vehicles, or similar Honda Global Small Car models such as the Airwave, Partner, Mobilio, Freed, Logo, City, and Aria may also find this guide to be useful.

According to and other online sources, all four OEM door speakers of a Honda Fit or Jazz can be replaced with 6 1/2" (6.5") or 5 1/4" (5.25") aftermarket speakers.

Both sizes will require a bracket in order to fit properly since the factory speakers are an odd size.

To remove the door panels and speakers you'll need a Phillips head screwdriver and also a flathead screwdriver.

Honda-Fit-Jazz-Front-Door-Panel-Removal-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-004 Honda-Fit-Jazz-Front-Door-Panel-Removal-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-005
Pull Out Door Handle
Handle Housing Removed
The first step is to locate the small black Phillips head screw located just above the door handle and remove it with a screwdriver.

Then pull the door handle housing away from the door panel.

Door Panel Arm Rest
Release Armrest Clips
Next move to the armrest on the door panel and use a small flathead screwdriver to gently release the three clips holding it in place.

It helps to carefully pull on the armrest while inserting the screwdriver into the notches where the clips are exposed.

3 Armrest Clips Released
Pull Off Door Armrest
Arm Rest Removed
Once the armrest has been removed, you'll be able to see the 2nd screw holding the panel to the door located just behind the window and door locks power connector.
Screw Behind Armrest
Remove Phillips Head Screw
Armrest & Handle Screws
Remove the silver screw behind the armrest with a Phillips head screwdriver and place it in a safe place along with the door handle screw.
Window/Locks Power
Press Down Connector Clip
Remove Power Connector
Release the electrical connector for the power window and/or door locks by pressing on the plastic tab with your finger or a small screwdriver and pull it away from the armrest mount.


Push In Door Handle
Pull Panel Away & Lift Up
Door Panel Removed
The last step before you can pull the panel off the door is to rotate the door handle housing and push it partially behind the door panel.

Use a flathead screwdriver or an automotive trim panel removal tool to carefully pop out the various red vinyl plastic fasteners on the rear of the panel that secure it to the metal door.

When all of the door panel fasteners have been popped out, gently swing the bottom of the door panel towards you and lift it up off the top edge where it meets with the window.

Stock OEM Speaker
Remove Phillips Screw
Speaker Screw Removed
The original factory speaker is only held in place by one long Phillips head screw.

To remove the speaker from the door take out the screw and then gently pull on the speaker until the sticky foam on the back side gives way.

Pull Off Speaker
Stock Speaker Removed
Press 2 Side Clips
The power connector on the back of the speaker can be released by squeezing together the two clips and pulling the connector straight off the speaker.
Speaker Power Released
Install New Speaker
Lower Panel On To Door
If you purchased your new speakers from Crutchfield, they most likely came with special brackets and power connector adaptors to the make installation a very easy process.

I recommend applying some Dynamat Sound Deadener to the metal door frame to help reduce road noise and make your new speakers sound better. It will also stop vibrations and rattles when you crank up the volume.

To replace the door panel, lower it down onto the upper edge of the door frame near the window opening and pull the door handle through the opening.

Replace Armrest Screw
Replace Door Handle Screw
Push In Panel Fasteners
Re-install the silver armrest screw and the black door handle screw.

Then look between the door panel and the door frame to line up the red vinyl fasteners before pushing them into the appropriate holes.

Snap On Armrest Piece
Honda-Fit-Jazz-Front-Door-Panel-Removal-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-035 Honda-Fit-Jazz-Front-Door-Panel-Removal-Speaker-Replacement-Guide-036
Front Door Panel Replaced
To finish the job, line up the arm rest trim piece against the door panel and snap it back into place.

Double check that the three clips on the armrest and all the door panel fasteners are securely in place.

For more, please check out my Honda Fit Maintenance & Repair Guides page.

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