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Ho'okena Beach Park Snorkeling - Big Island, Hawaii
Pictures and visitor info from a snorkeling trip to Hookena Beach Park located in South Kona, Big Island, Hawaii.

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Paul B. Michaels
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Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-001 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-002 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-003
Ho'okena Beach Park is a beautiful "salt and pepper" sand beach located about 23 miles south of the Kailua-Kona area of the Big Island of Hawaii.

To reach Ho'okena Beach Park, take Hwy 19 south to Hwy 11 (Hawaii Belt Road) and turn right on Hookena Beach Road just past mile marker # 101. The park is a little over 2 miles from the highway down a narrow curvy road.

If you're using a GPS unit to reach Hookena, set it for the intersection of Hookena Beach Rd and Hwy 11 (a.k.a. Hawaii Belt Road / S. Kona Belt Rd / Mamalahoa Hwy). The park should also be listed in the POI (points of interest) database.

We visited Ho'okena Beach specifically to go snorkeling and admire the local ocean life of Hawaii. There are some interesting coral formations out from the middle of the beach and also along the rocks at the far south (left) end of the beach.

Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-004 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-005 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-006
It's not uncommon to sight pods of dolphins and green sea turtles at Hookena Beach. We weren't fortunate enough to see either type of animal at this beach, but there was an excellent variety of colorful tropical fish in the water.
Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-007 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-008 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-009
Some of the other popular recreational activities at Hookena Beach Park besides snorkeling include camping, kayaking, fishing, scuba diving, sunbathing, picnicking, and boogie boarding.
Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-010 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-011 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-012
Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-013 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-014 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-015
Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-016 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-017 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-018
Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-019 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-020 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-021

Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-022 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-023 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-024
Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-025 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-026 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-027
Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-028 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-029 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-030
Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-031 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-032 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-033
Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-034 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-035 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-036
Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-037 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-038 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-039
Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-040 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-041 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-042
Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-043 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-044 Hookena-Beach-Park-Snorkeling-Big-Island-Hawaii-045
To see the rest of my underwater pictures from our snorkeling trip to Hookena Beach Park, visit Page 2 of the gallery by clicking on the "Next" or "Last"  buttons below.

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