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Pomegranate Fruit Cutting & De-Seeding Guide
How to cut open, de-seed, & prepare a pomegranate or "POM" fruit for consumption including step by step pictures.

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Knife & Bowl of Water
POM Brand Fruit
Two Ripe Pomegranates
We had previously enjoyed some POM brand pomegranate juice at a friend's home and then later picked up two of the fruits while shopping at our local Publix supermarket.

Apparently pomegranate juice can easily stain clothing, kitchen utensils and even some types of countertops. So to avoid staining anything, it's important to follow a specific procedure.

The first step is to assemble a large bowl full of water, a sharp kitchen knife, a cutting board, some paper towels and the washed pomegranate fruit.

Place the pomegranate on the cutting board with the stem facing upwards. Carefully cut off the crown of the fruit by slicing around the top about a 1/2 inch down. Pull off the crown from the top of the pomegranate and discard it.

Slice 1/2 Inch Off Top
Top Crown Removed
Bright Red Seeds Visible
Next, make four to six shallow slices or "scores" down along the sides of the pomegranate.

Don't cut too deeply, or you could puncture some of the seeds, create a mess, and waste some of the pomegranate juice.

Make 4-6 Side Scores
Shallow Side Cuts
Pull Apart Sections
Now move the de-crowned and scored pomegranate fruit over into the large bowl full of cool or room temperature water.

Pull apart the rind under the surface of the water with your thumbs and let the juicy seeds fall into the bowl.

Scrape off any remaining seeds and discard the POM fruit peels.


Remove Fleshy Seeds
Throw Out Rinds
Almost Done De-Seeding
The pomegranate fruit seeds can be eaten right away or used in any number of recipes such as adding vibrant color and flavor to a salad.

I prefer to chill some of the pomegranate seeds in the refrigerator for later snacking.

If you'd like to extract the juice from the seeds, use a sieve, pulse them in a blender or run them through a juicer such as the Jack LaLanne juicer.

POM-Pomegranate-Fruit-Preparation-Guide-013 POM-Pomegranate-Fruit-Preparation-Guide-014
Only Juicy Seeds Remain
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