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Infiniti G35 Coupe + Zaino Show Car Polish
Pictures of my friend's Infiniti G35 Coupe after I gave it a show car polish with Zaino Bros. brand products.

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2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe - 280HP 3.5L V6 Automatic With GPS DVD Navigation

Infiniti G35 Coupe


One of my best friends has always admired how clean and shiny I keep my Pontiac Grand Prix GTP and has been hinting that he'd like his car to get that kind of TLC treatment.

For his birthday we had a party at my house and everyone slept over since we weren't in any condition to drive.

I can never sleep too late the night after a party so I was up early. I decided on a whim to give my friend's Infiniti G35 Coupe the 5 star show car shine with my lineup of expensive but excellent Zaino Bros auto polish products.





I wish I had taken some before pictures because this fine Japanese automobile was hideously caked in road grime and dirt before I began.

First I removed the floor mats and tossed them in the washing machine with a few drips of Tide detergent.

(If you put your floor mats in the washing machine, fold them down into the machine so that the spin cycle doesn't cause friction burns on the fabric.)

Next I vacuumed the interior and wiped down the surfaces with a clean damp rag.

He keeps his car's interior relatively clean and uncluttered unlike the majority of girls who treat their cars like a second closet.

(You know who you are.)

Infiniti-G35-Zaino-Polish-07 Infiniti-G35-Zaino-Polish-08 Infiniti-G35-Zaino-Polish-09


Then I washed the car with Zaino Bros. Z-7 car wash liquid soap and some Dawn dishwashing detergent to strip away any old wax that my have been on the finish.

After a thorough drying with a California Water Blade, and The Absorber chamois cloth, I rubbed on the Z-1 Show Car Polish Lok to prepare the paint to bond with the Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish for clear coated paints.

I also carefully applied Z-1 and Z-2 to the wheels and windows.

(Polish the windows? Am I crazy? No. Applying Zaino polish to the windows really creates a mirror shine on the glass and rain water just rolls right of the car.)

Infiniti-G35-Zaino-Polish-10 Infiniti-G35-Zaino-Polish-11 Infiniti-G35-Zaino-Polish-13

The Z-2 polish hazed quickly in the South Florida heat and I gently rubbed off the Zaino with a soft white bath towel.

The shine after the Z-2 was buffed off was great and as a bonus, the paint would now be protected by the Ultra-Guard UV40 sunscreen.

But I wasn't done yet. I then followed up with a misting of Zaino Bros Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray that reduces static electricity on the paint (so that dust doesn't stick to it), and enhances the shine. Just as I finished up my friend walked out of the house and saw his near blindingly shiny G35 Coupe.

He seemed as happy as when he first picked up the car from the dealership in Coconut Creek FL.

Zaino is pretty durable so my application should last at least 6 months and give some protection until his next birthday.

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