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Laguna Beach Sunset - Heisler Park, Orange County, CA
Pictures of a peaceful Laguna Beach sunset captured in August '12 at Heisler Park in South Orange County, California.

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Paul B. Michaels
Author & Photographer
Auto Mechanic Since 1989

Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-001 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-002 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-003
These pictures of a beautiful Laguna Beach sunset were taken in August 2012 from the north end of Heisler Park in Orange County, CA.

This was the perfect way to wrap up a very long day of touring around Los Angeles and Orange County with a friend from out of town

Some of the attractions we visited earlier in the day included Santa Monica Beach, Venice Beach, the Venice Canals, Manhattan Beach, Olde Towne Orange and of course the obligatory stop for lunch at an In N Out Burger.

If you'd like to enjoy the sunset sitting down, I'd recommend arriving at least 30-45 minutes early to find parking and claim a bench since the park can get crowded on weekends.

To capture these images, I used both a Samsung Galaxy S3 Android smartphone and a Canon Elph 300 HS.

Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-004 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-005 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-006
Heisler Park is located at 375 Cliff Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. To contact the park staff, call (949) 497-3311.

Parking at Heisler Park costs $1 per hour and the parking meters accept coins or Visa / MasterCard credit cards for payment.

Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-007 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-008 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-009
Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-010 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-011 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-012
Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-013 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-014 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-015

Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-016 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-017 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-018
Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-019 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-020 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-021
Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-022 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-023 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-024
Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-025 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-026 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-027
Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-028 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-029 Laguna-Beach-Sunset-Heisler-Park-August-2012-Orange-County-CA-030
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