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Lavena Coastal Walk - Bouma National Park - Taveuni, Fiji
Pictures and visitor information from the Lavena Coastal Walk in Bouma National Heritage Park on Taveuni Island, Fiji.

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Paul B. Michaels
Author & Photographer
Auto Mechanic Since 1989

Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-001 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-002 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-003
One of the highlights of our trip to Taveuni Island was going on the Lavena Coastal Walk in Bouma National Heritage Park.

We took a taxi from our honeymoon cottage at Bibi's Hideaway (plantation style accommodations) to Bouma located a little over an hour away.

The total cost for the round trip ride was $70 FJD or about $35 USD. That price included the taxi driver waiting for several hours while we hiked.

Before the beginning of the trail, there was a small building where we signed in and paid a park fee of $12 FJD ($6 USD) each.

It takes about three to four hours to complete the entire journey, so be sure to bring plenty of water and food.

Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-004 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-005 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-006
The Lavena Coastal Walk visitors center opens at 9 AM and I recommend showing up early in order to have this peaceful and serene path all to yourselves. There is an area called Unuca Point about one hundred meters from the start of the walk that is great for swimming or sunbathing. But that is best saved for the return trip to cool off from the long hike.
Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-007 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-008 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-009
After about thirty minutes of walking, you'll reach the Fijian settlement named Naba (pronounced Namba) that is composed of immigrants from the Solomon Islands. They have crops of papaya an yaqona (kava), dalo, and cassava.
Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-010 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-011 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-012
On the way to Naba, you'll see a collection of reed pedestals which are rocks perched precariously atop a tiny pedestal. Volcanic lava flowing to the ocean eroded the rock and left the boulders sitting two to three feet above the water.
Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-013 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-014 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-015
About fifteen minutes later, you'll reach the Wainisairi River Suspension Bridge. It has a sign that says "Max Load 10 People" but it was quiet the morning we were there it was hard to imagine there ever being ten people on it at the same time.
Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-016 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-017 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-018
The last five to fifteen minutes of the trail, depending on how carefully you hike it, is composed of slippery rocks that lead along the Wainabau Stream to a pool. Leave your things at the edge of the pool and swim a few seconds to the two Wainibau Waterfalls.
River Mouth Draining
Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-020 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-021

A tour guide with his small group of fellow tourists caught up with us at this point. He helped us climb up the wall to the top of the waterfall on the left. Then everyone took a tour plunging down the rock water slide to the deep pool of water. He cautioned that we should swim to the right as soon as we hit the water to keep from being pushed towards the other waterfall and the rock wall.
Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-022 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-023 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-024
You can see pictures of the waterfalls at the end of the Lavena Coastal Walk on Page 3 of this gallery. I really wish I had brought the underwater case for my compact camera to be able to photograph the waterfalls and video the ride down the waterfall rock slide.
Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-025 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-026
South Pacific Ocean
Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-028 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-029 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-030
Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-031 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-032 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-033
First Waterfall
Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-035 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-036
Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-037 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-038 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-039
Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-040 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-041 Lavena-Coastal-Walk-Bouma-National-Park-Taveuni-Fiji-042
Reef Pedestals

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