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Lowepro EX 140 Photo/Video Bag Review
A consumer's opinion of the Lowepro EX-140 camera case for the Canon S5 IS, Speedlite 430EX flash and accessories.

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Lowepro EX 140 & Contents
430EX Upright & S5 On Side
Every time I buy a new camera I inevitably have to go visit Best Buy, Circuit City and Ritz in order to buy a bag. This usually gets done no more than a few days after UPS or FedEx makes the delivery because I hate to have my new camera be "homeless" so to speak.

I brought my Canon 430EX flash with me to the store and spent about 15 minutes in Best Buy looking at different bags.

They had the Canon S5 on display so I would bring several cases over and see which would be a good fit for the S5 and 430EX while still having room for other accessories.

Finally I chose the Lowepro EX-140 Photo / Video Bag for about $25 plus 6% Florida State sales tax. I probably could have saved a few bucks ordering it online, but I like to support brick & mortar stores when possible.

Dividers Laid Flat Extra Padding
430EX Laid Down Flat
When I got the bag home, I gathered up all the possible items that I might want to pack into the Lowepro EX140 including the Canon S5, Speedlite 430EX, four sets of 4 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, the Maha MH-C204F charger with 12V car charger wire or the MH-C204W 110-240v world ready charger, extra SD memory cards, and the plastic flash diffuser cap.

That sounds like a lot of stuff for one medium sized bag but I'll only be bringing along one of my AA NiMH chargers depending on if I'll need to charge batteries in the car or not.

Canon S5 On Top of 430EX
3 Extra Secure Digital Cards
I tried a few different ways of packing the camera and flash into the EX-140 but finally decided to line the bottom of the case with the padded dividers for extra protection, lay the 430EX flat on the bottom with the S5 on top.

This way the camera will be easier to access and if the bag gets dropped the sturdy $200 flash might take more of a hit than the delicate $420 camera.

MH-C204W & Diffusion Cap
MH-C204W Charger Wire
To keep my plastic diffuser cap from being crushed, I popped it on top of the Maha C-204W charger and then filled the rest of the front pouch with 3 memory cards and another set of 4 NiMH batteries.
Extra Batteries In Front Pocket
Batteries In Both Mesh Side Pockets

The product information booklet attached to the Lowepro EX140 lists the inner dimensions as being 6.5W x 3.5D x 6.5H inches (16.5 x 9 x 16.5 CM).

Some of the other features listed on the booklet are the Protective Overlap™ zipper, the shock absorbing closed cell foam, the adjustable shoulder strap, the NoDrop™ front pocket with organizers, the padded carrying handle, and the tough water resistant outer fabric.

Canon SD700IS On The Side
EX 140 Front Snap & Zipper Pocket
Once I had the S5 camera, 430EX flash and all the other accessories packed into the EX140 I still had room to also slip my Powershot SD700IS snugly in the case.

Lowepro cases come with a limited lifetime warranty but it feels very well made and I doubt I'll need to use that warranty.

The company has corporate offices in California, Ontario, and the UK but this product was made in China.

Side Netting Pocket
Rear Belt Loops
If you own the Canon S3 IS or the S5 (with no plans to buy an external flash) I'd recommend the Lowepro Edit 110 which formerly used to house my S3. For more info check out my Canon S5 IS Review and the Speedlite 430EX Flash Review.
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