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Magic Tree - Crystal Science Experiment Kit
Pictures of a Magic Crystal Tree science experiment with before and after images and an explanation of the process.

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This "Magic Tree" was purchased in the gift shop of a museum for just a few dollars.

After opening the box, I read the instructions and learned that I had to place the "tree" on top of the base that was filled with the "magic" liquid solution.

Within 15 minutes the Magic Tree began to grow some crystals on the top branches. After an hour the tree branches were covered in tiny multicolored crystals.

The Magic Crystal Tree solution is actually composed of an alkaline salt, an ammonium salt, and tap water. Once the bottom of the blotter paper "tree" is placed in the solution, it travels up the tree and evaporates forming the crystals.

Magic-Tree-Crystal-Experiment-03 Magic-Tree-Crystal-Experiment-04
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the tree once a few hours had elapsed so the picture below this paragraph is a premature "after" picture.

But trust me, this little Magic Tree can form many thick buds of crystals in a variety of bright colors.

This science experiment is also re-usable since you can dip the tree in water and clean off the old crystals.

Then you can create a generic version of the solution with sodium chloride (table salt), ammonia, liquid laundry bluing and water.

Magic Crystal Tree Picture


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