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Maine Whale Watching Tour
Pictures from a whale watching tour off the New England coastal state of Maine in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Maine-Whale-Watching-Photos-01 Maine-Whale-Watching-Photos-02
As I'm sure you've already realized, the images in this photo album are from a whale watching tour that we went on during a trip to the New England coast and the state of Maine.

Whale watching activities and businesses make up a significant portion of the commercial tourism in the New England area. The Northwest Atlantic is visited or inhabited by several different types of whales such as the Northern Right Whale, Minke Whale, Fin Whale, and the Northern Humpback whale.

The whale watching season in this area of Maine and the entire Eastern Seaboard runs from spring time to the beginning of winter. This part of the New England coasts contains the Gulf of Maine which is an important feeding ground for the species of whales who frequent the area.

The cost of our whale watching tour was $45.00 per person for 90 minutes. This included free soft drinks on the boat and a "whale expert" on each side of the vessel providing information on each species.

Maine-Whale-Watching-Photos-03 Maine-Whale-Watching-Photos-04
Maine Whale Picture
Whale Fin Photo
Maine-Whale-Watching-Photos-07 Maine-Whale-Watching-Photos-08
We also went on a whale watching tour in Santa Barbara California to observe and photograph the Giant California Gray whales. The whales in the warmer water of the Pacific Ocean off the Southern California coast seemed more active and playful than the Northern Humpback whales that we saw in the Atlantic Ocean. I'm not sure if the water temperature made a difference or it was just typical for each species of whale.

Maine-Whale-Watching-Photos-09 Maine-Whale-Watching-Photos-10
Maine-Whale-Watching-Photos-11 Maine-Whale-Watching-Photos-12
Maine Lighthouse Picture
During our Maine Whale Watching Tour we passed by quite a few boats and functional lighthouses. I wish I had already had my Nikon D100 digital SLR camera with the huge zoom to get better pictures of the light houses, but my digital camera at the time, Kodak DC280, only had a 2x optical zoom.
Maine-Whale-Watching-Photos-13 Maine-Whale-Watching-Photos-14
After about 90 minutes of traveling through the Gulf of Maine on the whale watching tour boat, the captain announced that we would be heading back to the port. The crew members continued to point out whales and other interesting ocean life as they spotted them but none of them were very close to the boat so I wasn't able to get any close up pictures of a whale. I think I preferred the whale watching tour in San Diego due to the warmer weather. The New England weather was pleasant during our trip but it was very cold and windy out on the water.
Maine-Whale-Watching-Photos-15 Maine-Whale-Watching-Photos-16
New England Luxury Hotel
If you'd like to see my Santa Barbara California Whale Watching photo album, click on the preceding link. Also, if you're a photography, travel, or motorcycle enthusiast, be sure to visit the main menu of Paul's Travel Pictures.

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