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Majesty of the Seas Cruise Ship - Miami to Bahamas
Pictures and visitor information from a trip on Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas cruise ship from Miami to the Bahamas.

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Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-001 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-002 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-003
The Majesty of the Seas is one of Royal Caribbean's "Sovereign Class" modern mega cruise ships.

Its maiden voyage took place on April 26, 1992 and since then it has taken 1,000's of passengers from the Port of Miami to Nassaus in the Bahamas.

Majesty of the Seas also makes stops at Coco Cay (a private island owned by Royal Caribbean), and Key West.

Taking a cruise on the Majesty of the Seas from Miami to the Bahamas ranges in price from about $200 for an interior room to almost $900 USD for a Deluxe Suite.

Royal Caribbean spent about $35 million on a refurbishment of Majesty of the Seas in early 2007 and added some new additions.

Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-004 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-005 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-006
Some of the major features of the Majesty of the Seas cruise ship include a casino, two outdoor pools, two whirlpool hot tubs, a day spa, a fitness center, an open air basketball court, a rock climbing wall, the Adventure Ocean youth area, teen-only areas, three conference rooms, and an internet center.
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-007 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-008 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-009
There are a good selection of restaurants on the Majesty of the Seas including the two large dining rooms (Claude's & Vincent's), the Windjammer Cafe, Johnny Rockets, Latte-tudes Coffee House (Seattle's Best), Jerry's Ice Cream Parlor, the Compass Deli, and Sorrento's Pizza.
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-010 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-011 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-012
For entertainment and nightlife, passengers can choose between the new Latin style lounge named Bolderos, the disco called "The Circuit", and the Sound of Music Theatre.
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-013 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-014 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-015
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-016 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-017 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-018
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-019 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-020 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-021

Welcome to Nassau
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-023 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-024
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-025 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-026 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-027
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-028 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-029 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-030
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-031 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-032 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-033
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-034 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-035 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-036
Festival Place
Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-037 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-038 Majesty-of-the-Seas-Bahamas-Cruise-039

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