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Maverick Helicopters Grand Canyon Tour
Pictures and visitor information from the Maverick Helicopters Tour of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam & Lake Mead.

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Maverick Helicopters
ECO-Star Helicopters
Las Vegas Strip
Maverick Helicopters runs a variety of tours around the Las Vegas, Nevada area and also in nearby Arizona.

These pictures are from their "Wind Dancer Sunset Landing Helicopter Tour", which costs a total of $473 per person including fees.

The tour takes visitors for a flight over Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Fortification Hill, the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon and the Bowl of Fire.

In the middle of the tour, the helicopter pilot landed 3,500 feet down into the Grand Canyon in Hualapai Indian Territory. There the guests are served champagne, snacks and other beverages.

On the flight back, the sunset created amazing views of the Grand Canyon, downtown Las Vegas, and The Strip.

Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-004 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-005 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-006
Some of the other tours or services that Maverick Helicopters offers include NASCAR VIP Transportation to Las Vegas Motor Speedway, a Kaibab National Forest tour, the Painted Desert tour, a Colorado River rafting adventure tour, a Grand Canyon Sunrise tour, and a Las Vegas Nights tour.
Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-007 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-008 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-009
Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-010 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-011
Hoover Dam
Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-013 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-014 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-015
Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-016 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-017
Grand Canyon
Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-019 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-020 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-021
Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-022 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-023 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-024
Modern Maverick Heli

Champagne, Snacks & Drinks
Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-026 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-027
Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-028 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-029 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-030
Helicopter Landing Area
Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-032 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-033
Sunset & Clouds
Colorado River
Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-037 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-038 Maverick-Grand-Canyon-Helicopter-Tour-039
Helicopter Cockpit Gauges
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