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Mentos & Coca Cola Volcano
Pictures from our experiment with Mentos, the freshmaker, and Coca Cola Classic - an explosive combination.

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I'm not sure where she heard about this fun little activity, but my girlfriend recently informed me that dropping Mentos into a 2 liter bottle of Coca Cola would cause a deliciously explosive volcano like reaction.

She was nice enough to purchase two 2 liter bottles of Coke and 4 rolls of Mentos mints.

This weekend a few buddies came over to enjoy some beverages and grill some steaks. While the beef was marinating, we got the experiment ready and grabbed the cameras.

The instantly explosive reaction was too fast to capture during the first try. But for the second 2L bottle of Coke we had both the still camera and a video camera running. Check out the Mentos & Coca Cola video clip at the bottom of this page.


Mentos-Coca-Cola-04 Mentos-Coca-Cola-07 Mentos-Coca-Cola-08
Coca Cola & Mentos Volcano



The second that my friend dropped in the first few Mentos into the Coca Cola bottle, a three foot geyser of fizzy brown Coke sprayed out violently. The reaction was almost instantaneous.

Mentos-Coca-Cola-12 Mentos-Coca-Cola-13 Mentos-Coca-Cola-14
Mentos-Coca-Cola-15 Mentos-Coca-Cola-16 Mentos-Coca-Cola-17

Mentos-Coca-Cola-18 Mentos-Coca-Cola-19 Mentos-Coca-Cola-20
Mentos-Coca-Cola-21 Mentos-Coca-Cola-22 Mentos-Coca-Cola-23
The next time we try this Mentos and Coca Cola fueled experiment, I think we'll attempt to recreate the high flying soda rockets that I've seen in other online videos.

I also want to try dropping the Mentos mint candies more quickly into the Coke soda pop bottle by using a funnel so that we can actually move our hands clear of the spray.

Mentos-Coca-Cola-24 Mentos-Coca-Cola-25 Mentos-Coca-Cola-26

Yeah, yeah. I know what you're thinking.

We're simple minded, easily amused and have too much free time on our hands.

Well, you're looking at this page aren't ya?  So you're no better. Get back to work! 

We also plan on trying this again with Diet Coke since I've read that it may cause a more exciting chemical reaction.

Mentos & Coke Volcano Explosion Video
Mentos & Coca Cola Video Clip
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