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Miami Florida Rush Hour Traffic
Pictures of rush hour traffic in Miami-Dade County Florida on the 826 Palmetto Expressway and the Interstate 95 highway.

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Miami-Rush-Hour-Traffic-01 Miami-Rush-Hour-Traffic-02
As you can probably deduce from this site, I carry a digital camera with me just about everywhere I go.

So when I'm stuck in really bad rush hour traffic, I like to snap a few pictures and post them online in hopes that it will sway some people from moving here and making the situation worse.

The pictures at the top of this page are from Interstate 95 in North Miami-Dade County Florida at around 4:30pm.

Rush hour here in South Florida seems to start at about 3:30pm and last till about 7:00pm.

In Miami, traffic is bumper to bumper in just about every direction on every major road, highway and expressway. If an accident happens, forget about getting home in time for dinner.

Miami-Rush-Hour-Traffic-05 Miami-Rush-Hour-Traffic-06
In the Fort Lauderdale area of Broward County Florida, the traffic patterns are a bit different and you can beat them if you live
and work in the right areas. In the morning, most of the traffic is going East towards downtown Ft. Lauderdale where a lot of
the large office buildings are located. During evening rush hour, everyone is trying to go back to the residential areas on the
West side of Broward County Florida. So if you want to beat the traffic you either have to get to work super early and leave
by 3:00pm or go in late just before lunch and leave around 7:00pm.

Miami-Rush-Hour-Traffic-09 Miami-Rush-Hour-Traffic-10

The rush hour traffic pattern in Palm Beach County is a combination of East/South in the morning and North/West to the
residential areas in the evening. If you don't have the luxury of living close to your job, then all you can do is relax with some
of your favorite music and use the time to mentally plan out your day. Just don't get road rage or you might end up causing
an accident or receiving a hefty fine from the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP).

Miami-Rush-Hour-Traffic-13 Miami-Rush-Hour-Traffic-14
Miami-Rush-Hour-Traffic-03 Miami-Rush-Hour-Traffic-04
Miami-Rush-Hour-Traffic-07 Miami-Rush-Hour-Traffic-08
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