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Adam Holbrook Fere Motorycle Stunt Show
Pictures from the Miami Motorcycle Salon at the Coconut Grove Convention Center of Adam Holbrook's FERE Stunt Show.

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At the 2006 Miami Motorcycle Salon bike show on April 8th and 9th, we saw an area set up with a 30' demonstration trailer and a barrier.

It was the Adam Holbrook FERE Thrill Show. I later learned that Adam's kind of show is based on a type of motorcycle competition called "Observed Motorcycle Trials".

The NATC and AMA have championships for Observed Motorcycle Trials where the competition focuses more on balance and negotiating obstacles than being the first around a track.





I'm just guessing but I think that Adam Holbrook's announcer was his father. The two of them made a great team and it was obvious that they trusted each other completely. At one point Adam rode the motorcycle over his announcer with each wheel rolling across his stomach.

Adam-Holbrook-Stunt-Show-07 Adam-Holbrook-Stunt-Show-08 Adam-Holbrook-Stunt-Show-09

Trial bikes are manufactured by Yamaha, Gas Gas, Bultaco, Fantic, Beta and Scorpa. The competitions are set up with sections of natural terrain that the Observed Motorcycle Trials riders must cross without setting down a foot or the rider gets a point taken off their score.

Adam-Holbrook-Stunt-Show-10 Adam-Holbrook-Stunt-Show-11 Adam-Holbrook-Stunt-Show-12

Adam Holbrook
Observed Motorcycle Trials
FERE Thrill Show
It's not necessary to go fast during a Trials competition the focus is on getting over the obstacles in a slow controlled manner without falling or putting your feet down. The sport is great for young or old riders since injuries are rare due to the low speeds involved.
Adam-Holbrook-Stunt-Show-16 Adam-Holbrook-Stunt-Show-17 Adam-Holbrook-Stunt-Show-18
Adam-Holbrook-Stunt-Show-19 Adam-Holbrook-Stunt-Show-20 Adam-Holbrook-Stunt-Show-21


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