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Moroso Motorsports Park Motorcycle Stunt Riding Show
Pictures and a video clip from a sportbike motorcycle stunt riding show held at the Moroso Motorsports Park in Jupiter, FL.

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Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-001 Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-002 Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-003
These pictures are from a motorcycle stunt show that I attended at the Moroso Motorsports Park in Jupiter Florida.

This stunt show took place during the lunchtime break between the CCS (Championship Cup Series) and ASRA (American Sportbike Racing Association) races.

In this stunt show there were two vehicles, one was a cruiser motorcycle with ape hanger bars, and the other was a customized GSXR sportbike.

An exciting part of the show was when a petite girl hung off the back tail of the bike with her head near the ground while the rider performed a wheelie. Then later they had three people all on the cruiser bike popping wheelies.

To check out the movie from this Moroso Stunt Show click on the preceding link.

Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-004 Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-005 Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-006
Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-007 Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-008 Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-009
Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-010 Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-011 Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-012
Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-013 Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-014 Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-015
3 People On Cruiser
Tank Stand
Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-019 Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-020 Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-021
Motorcycle Stunt Show At Moroso Motorsports Park Video Clip
Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-022 Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-023 Moroso-Motorcycle-Stunt-Show-024
Girl Hanging Off Back

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