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Pelican Landing Beach Park
Pictures of the exclusive Pelican Landing Beach Park located in Bonita Springs just North of Naples Florida.

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Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-01 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-02
Pelican Landing Water Taxi
Residents of the Pelican Landing community and guests of the Hyatt Hotel in Bonita Springs Florida are entitled to visit the beautiful and remote Big Hickory Island Beach Park.

The Big Hickory Island Beach Park is more commonly known as Pelican Landing Beach Park since the majority of the usual beachgoers live in the residential community of the same name.

Access to this pristine island beach is only possible by passage on the Gulf of Mexico, so you'd better either have a boat or catch a ride on the free water taxi shuttle.

While on the water taxi, we had an excellent view of Bonita Springs and the Naples coast.

As you can see in the pictures below, a small sailboat and also some jet skis were zipping around in the ocean.

Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-04 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-05 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-06
Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-07 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-08 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-09
Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-10 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-11 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-12
Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-13 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-14 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-15
South Dock
Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-16 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-17
Pelican Landing Beach Park

Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-19 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-20 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-21
Gulf of Mexico
Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-22 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-23 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-24
Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-25 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-26 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-27
Sea Life Information Sign
Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-28 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-29 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-30
West Indian Manatee Sign
Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-31 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-32 Pelican-Landing-Beach-Park-33

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