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New Bright Hummer H3 6V 1:14 R/C Truck Review
A  review of the New Bright brand 1:14th scale Hummer H3 6 volt remote control truck with pictures & a video clip.

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We just purchased this "New Bright" brand Hummer H3 remote control toy truck at a Super Target store in Florida for a total cost of $33.99 plus tax.

It is a 1:14th scale model that measures about 15" from front to back, 8.5" wide and 8" high. Without the mostly empty "truck" body, the toy would only stand about four inches tall.

Included in the box is a two stick style transmitter with Forward/Reverse and Left/Right control functions. The radio control is powered by two included AA alkaline batteries.

Also included is a rechargeable 6 volt NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery pack and a 110V wall battery charger.

The recommended charging time is 8 hours for the first two charges and four hours each subsequent charge.

New-Bright-Hummer-H3-6-Volt-RC-Truck-Review-004 New-Bright-Hummer-H3-6-Volt-RC-Truck-Review-005 New-Bright-Hummer-H3-6-Volt-RC-Truck-Review-006
Although the box recommends that this toy is for children 8+ years of age, we bought it for a five year old boy.

He has had several other small remote control cars, trucks, and a boat in the past.

So I wanted to achieve more of a "WOW" factor when he opened this present.

The toy's big colorful box, bright yellow Hummer H3 body, shiny silver wheels, and monster truck tires should be able to get the job done.

After allowing the 6 volt NiMH battery pack to charge overnight for about 8 hours, I popped the pack into the underside of the truck and inserted the two AA batteries into the transmitter.

My initial impressions were that the truck was slightly slower and the turning radius was much wider than I had expected.

I was also surprised that it lacked any sort of suspension.

But I suppose that for the low "toy" price of $33.99 you won't get "hobby grade" speed or construction.

New-Bright-Hummer-H3-6-Volt-RC-Truck-Review-007 New-Bright-Hummer-H3-6-Volt-RC-Truck-Review-008 New-Bright-Hummer-H3-6-Volt-RC-Truck-Review-009

On the plus side, the New Bright Hummer H3 seems to be well built for the price with a strong but flexible front bumper, soft rubber air filled tires and a well painted body accented with a few neatly applied stickers. The 6V NiMH battery pack also seems to be giving the truck a very long run time after the second charge/discharge cycle.

It has seen nearly continuous use for about 30 minutes with no signs of slowing down.

If one battery isn't enough, additional 6V R/C battery packs can be purchased from Radio Shack, on eBay and various other Hobby websites.

I'd recommend this New Bright Hummer H3 for kids under 8 years of age who have had prior experience with other remote control vehicles.

It would be best to play with it in a large open area with a relatively flat surface such as concrete, asphalt, gravel or compacted dirt.

Even very short grass would probably be too much of a challenge for this truck and smaller living rooms will require many three point turns due to the wide turning radius.

To see a very short demonstration video clip of this toy in action click on the following link -
New Bright Hummer H3 1:14 6V R/C Truck Video Clip

New-Bright-Hummer-H3-6-Volt-RC-Truck-Review-010 New-Bright-Hummer-H3-6-Volt-RC-Truck-Review-011 New-Bright-Hummer-H3-6-Volt-RC-Truck-Review-012
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