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Nissan 200SX Car Crash
Pictures of the crash damage that occurred a Nissan 200 SX 2 door coupe after a minor collision with a telephone pole.

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Telephone Pole & Air Box
So here's the story behind this photo album. Some friends and myself were hanging out in front of my apartment building when we heard a car full of morons come speeding down the street with their music blaring.

The driver started to turn left away from my building towards a side street when he lost control and smacked a telephone pole with his white Nissan 200SX 2 door coupe.

Once the car came to a stop, all four occupants jumped out and started jogging away from the scene.

A friend of mine asked them if they needed help and the driver shouted back a few obscenity filled sentences that made it clear that he did not require nor want our assistance.

Nissan 200SX Picture
Crash Damage Picture
This happened at night and my apartment at the University of Florida was within walking distance of the midtown clubs, so the driver may have not been in a safe condition to drive.

The next morning the Nissan 200SX coupe was still parked where they had left it.

We walked over and snapped a few pictures to document their stupidity.

The car would need at least $1000 in repairs if not more.

The car's air box had flown out of the engine bay during the collision, the headlight was demolished, the radiator was punctured, and most of the front end sheet metal panels or plastic body work was damaged.

I'm sure the automotive body shops in Gainesville do a good amount of business due to all the fender benders and minor collisions that occur daily.


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