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Nissan Rogue Cabin Air Filter Replacement Guide
How to clean or change the HVAC system's cabin air filter element in a 1st generation 2008-2013 Nissan Rogue SUV.

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Driver Seat Footwell
Driver Seat Kick Panel
Pull Off Kick Panel
This automotive "how-to" guide was specifically written to assist owners of the 1st generation (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, & 2013) Nissan Rogue in cleaning or changing the A/C system's cabin air filter element.

Owners of other Nissan or Infiniti vehicles such as the Versa, Cube, Sentra, Altima, LEAF, Maxima, Juke, Murano, Xterra, Pathfinder, Armada, Quest, Frontier, Titan, 370Z, G37, M37, EX37, FX37, JX35, and QX56 may also find these DIY instructions to be helpful.

A few compatible cabin air filters include the following with their part numbers: TYC 800126P, Fram CF10550, Wix 49352, Purolator C25864, Hastings AFC1251, Pentius PHB5864, Beck Arnley 042-2157 and OEM CAF217P.

The only tool needed to access the filter is a flathead screwdriver.

A wet/dry shop vacuum can also be useful for cleaning the existing filter element and blower motor housing.

Kick Panel Removed
Blower Motor Housing
Pry Off Filter Cover
Move to the driver's seat footwell and gently pull off the rectangular kick panel.

The cabin air filter is located behind a black plastic rectangular cover just in front of the white plastic blower motor housing.

Pry off the filter cover by pulling down on the retaining clip at the bottom with your fingers or a flathead screwdriver.

Retaining Clip At Bottom
Filter Cover Removed
Old Filter Exposed
Set the filter cover aside in a safe place.

Under the cover, you'll see the old white filter.


Pull Filter Straight Out
Sliding Out Old Element
Old Filter Removed
Grab the old filter and pull it straight out of the housing.

If you have trouble removing it, try using a pair of needle nose pliers to get a better grip on it.

If the old filter is relatively clean, just tap out the large debris and clean it with a wet/dry shop vacuum before re-installing it.

If the old filter is dark grey or black and clogged with dirt, dust, hair, insects, and leaves, it should be replaced with a new element.

I recommend buying the TYC 800126P cabin air filter since it has excellent reviews on Amazon.

If you'd had a problem with your A/C system smelling musty or moldy, go with the Fram CF10550 "Fresh Breeze" filter which has Arm & Hammer baking soda and carbon in it to absorb odors.

Vacuum Clean OEM Filter
Filter Slot In Blower Housing
Squeeze In New Filter
Slide the cleaned or new filter straight in to the slot. You may need to compress the filter a bit in order for it to fit. The filter will expand by itself once it is fully inserted.

If the filter has an "Air Flow" indicator arrow, it should be pointed towards the rear of the vehicle.

Slide Straight In Slot
New Filter Installed
Line Up Filter Cover
Make sure the filter is properly seated in the housing and line up the filter cover.

Hook the top part of the filter cover in place first and then push in the retaining clip at the bottom to secure it.

Snap Clip At Bottom
Push On Driver Kick Panel
Filter Change Complete
Line up the driver's side kick panel and gently snap it in to place.

Push on each edge of the kick panel to ensure that the four friction fasteners are secure.

For more, check out my other Nissan Rogue Repair & Maintenance Guides.

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