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Oleta River State Park Kayaking - North Miami Beach, FL
Pictures, a video clip, and visitor info from the Oleta River State Park and Blue Moon Outdoor Center in Miami, FL.

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Paul B. Michaels
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Oleta River
Mangrove Trees
Kayaking In Calm Water
We visited Oleta River State Park in order to go kayaking in scenic Biscayne Bay. A 3 hour rental of a tandem (two person) kayak from Blue Moon Outdoor Center cost us $50.

Some of the other recreational opportunities at the park include bicycling on 15 miles of trails, fishing, swimming, walking, jogging, picnicking, camping, wildlife viewing and canoeing.

Oleta River State Park is located at 3400 NE 163rd St., Miami, FL 33160. The park is open from 8 AM to sundown every day of the year.To reach the park rangers by phone, call (305) 919-1844.

The entrance fees are $6 per vehicle (2-8 people), $4 for a single occupant vehicle or motorcycle and $2 for pedestrians or bicyclists. Cabin rentals are $55 per night plus tax.

Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-004 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-005 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-006
Although the brochure for Oleta River State Park mentions that dolphins and manatees are often seen in the area, we weren't lucky enough to spot any during our visit in late December. We did spot other interesting animals such as blue heron birds, moon jellyfish, checkered puffer fish, and a small sting ray.
Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-007 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-008 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-009
Exit To Biscayne Bay
Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-010 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-011
Miami Beach Skyline
Blue Heron On Rock
Manatee Zone, No Wake
Paddling Tandem Kayak

Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-016 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-017 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-018
Condos & Hotel Buildings
Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-019 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-020 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-021
Sunny Isles Beach
Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-022 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-023 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-024
Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-025 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-026
Common Moon Jellyfish
During our three hour kayaking adventure, I captured a series of short video clips with my Canon 300 HS compact camera inside a Canon WP-DC41 waterproof case. The case allowed me to get some great underwater footage of the moon jellyfish and checkered puffer fish.

To view the video, click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Oleta River State Park Kayaking Video - North Miami Beach, FL

Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-028 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-029 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-030
Checkered Puffer Fish
Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-031 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-032 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-033
Orange Coral On Rocks
Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-035 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-036
Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-037 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-038 Oleta-River-State-Park-Blue-Moon-Kayaking-North-Miami-Beach-FL-039
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