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Palm Point Nature Park - Newnans Lake - Gainesville, FL
Pictures & visitor information from a trip to Palm Point Nature Park located by Newnans Lake in Gainesville, Florida.

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Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-001 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-002 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-003
Palm Point Nature Park is located in the tranquil Southeast area of the city at 7401 Lakeshore Dr., Gainesville FL 32641.

The park lies on a peninsula that juts out into the western area of Newnans Lake and covers just over 16 acres. Much of this land is populated by large cypress trees covered in Spanish moss along with some live oaks, and sabal palms.

We visited Palm Point Nature Park to try our luck at fishing in Newnans Lake which is known for having excellent bank fishing due to the deep water just off shore.

Palm Point is also frequented by bird watching enthusiasts since the park is often visited by migratory or local birds. Some of the species commonly seen include egret, ibis, osprey, bald eagle, heron, cormorant, warblers, barred owl, cuckoo, vireo, loons, woodpeckers, wild turkeys, and summer tanager.

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No Archaeological Digging
Other animals also seen at Palm Point Nature Park include American alligators and a variety of butterfly species. The best place to see butterflies here is at the wildflower demonstration area on the main walking path. They are most plentiful during the fall when the wild flowers are blooming.
Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-007 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-008
Park Walking Path
Palm Point Nature Park is open every day of the year from sunrise to sunset. For more info, call the Gainesville Parks office at (352) 393-8756.
Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-010 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-011 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-012
Man Fishing From Shore
Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-014 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-015

Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-016 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-017 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-018
Butterfly In Flight
Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-019 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-020 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-021
Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-022 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-023 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-024
Cypress Tree, Spanish Moss
Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-025 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-026
Palm Point Park Sign
Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-028 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-029 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-030
Lake Newnan
Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-031 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-032 Palm-Point-Nature-Park-Newnans-Lake-Gainesville-FL-033
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