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Panama La Vieja Ruins - Panama City, Panama
Pictures & visitor info from a trip to the "Old Panama" archaeological site located in Panama in Central America.

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Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-001 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-002 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-003
Another stop on our Panama City Tour was at the Old Panama or "Panama La Vieja" archaeological site.

We spent about an hour walking around the ruins, climbing to the top of the cathedral tower and shopping at the artisan crafts stores nearby.

You can get an excellent view of the downtown Panama City skyline from the top of the "catedral" tower. Many of the  skyscrapers buildings were under construction with massive cranes at their sides.

The Panama La Vieja historic complex and museum are open to visitors from 9 AM to 4 PM on Monday to Saturday and from 9 AM to 1 PM on Sundays. Admission is just $1 USD per person.

Any taxi driver can get you to Old Panama in about 10-15 minutes from downtown Panama City.

Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-004 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-005 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-006
This former capital of the country of Panama was founded in 1519 by Pedro Arias Davila with just a hundred residents. La Vieja was the launching area for the expeditions that eventually conquered the Inca Empire in Peru in 1532. Most of the city was destroyed or burned by Henry Morgan, a Welsh privateer (pirate), in 1671. The city was then moved to what is now known as the old city or "Casco Viejo", which is similar to the French Quarter in New Orleans.  Panama La Vieja was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997.
Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-007 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-008 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-009
Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-010 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-011 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-012
Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-013 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-014
Cathedral Tower
Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-016 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-017
Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-019 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-020 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-021

Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-022 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-023 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-024
Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-025 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-026 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-027
Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-028 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-029 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-030
Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-031 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-032 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-033
Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-034 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-035 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-036
Panama City Skyscrapers
Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-038 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-039
Panama City Skyline
Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-041 Panama-La-Vieja-Ruins-Pamama-City-042
La Catedral En 1671

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