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Parque Natural Metropolitano - Panama City, Panama
Pictures, a video clip & visitor info from a trip to the Metropolitan Natural Park in Panama City, Central America.

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Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-001 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-002 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-003
Parque Natural Metropolitano is located inside the city limits of Panama City about ten minutes away from the downtown area.

It covers about 250 hectares or 655 acres and is known as the only tropical forest park and wildlife refuge in Latin America situated within a metropolitan capital.

We started off our visit at the Metropolitan Natural Park by checking out the visitor center and the information signs. The park has three main hiking trails or "senderos" named the Mono Titi Trail, the Momotides Trails, the Cieneguita Trail and the Los Caobos Trail.

We chose to take the most popular trail, Sendero Cienequita, to go see the Panama City Lookout.

Some of the creatures that can be seen in Parque Natural Metropolitano include three toed sloths, coati, tamarin monkeys, deer, butterflies and toucans.

Park Info Signs
Park Trails
Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-007 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-008
Park Map Model
Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-010 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-011 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-012
Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-013 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-014
Visitor Center
Park Bus
Historic Past Sign
Special & Different
Park Flora & Fauna
Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-019 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-020 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-021
Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-022 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-023 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-024
Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-025 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-026 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-027
Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-028 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-029 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-030
Ant Tree Hive

Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-031 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-032 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-033
Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-034 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-035 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-036
Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-037 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-038 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-039
During our visit, I captured a few short video clips with my Canon S5 IS and edited them together into a short movie. To view or "stream" the video, click on the blue link below. To download the video clip to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Parque Natural Metropolitano Video Clip - Panama City, Panama

Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-040 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-041 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-042
Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-043 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-044 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-045
Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-046 Parque-Natural-Metropolitano-Panama-City-047
Citrus Fruit

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