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Penguin Racing Track Day At Homestead-Miami Speedway
Pictures from my track day with Penguin Racing at the NASCAR race track known as the Homestead-Miami Speedway.

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Homestead-Track-Day-01 Homestead-Track-Day-02 Homestead-Track-Day-03
These pictures are from the second time that I attended a Penguin Racing Track Day at the Miami-Homestead Speedway in December 2002.

Each year Penguin Racing escapes the cold weather of their home state of Massachusetts and their New Hampshire track to sunny Florida.

At the end of November or the beginning of December they hold a track school and session at the relatively new Jennings GP motorcycle only track. Then they finish off the year with a track day at the Homestead-Miami Speedway NASCAR track in South Florida.

Last year I went to this track day with some buddies from Orlando.

This year they couldn't come down so I just strapped up my 2000 Yamaha YZF R6 on my 5' x 8' utility trailer and headed down to Homestead by myself.

Homestead-Track-Day-04 Homestead-Track-Day-05 Homestead-Track-Day-06

The pictures up top are of my Metzeler motorcyle tires before the track day and then the rest of the photos on this page are the crash damage that my bike and helmet suffered.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the track or anything else for that matter. I was so tired between my track time sessions that I just relaxed with some Gatorade.

Homestead-Track-Day-07 Homestead-Track-Day-08
Rashed Shoei RF-800 Helmet
Homestead-Track-Day-10 Homestead-Track-Day-11 Homestead-Track-Day-12

During one of the last sessions of the day, I misjudged my entry speed for the turn before the "fish bowl" and I ran off the track on the grass and in to the tire barrier.

My Shoei RF-800 helmet was scuffed up and you can see the yellow paint that rubbed off from the tire barrier.

The left rearset (where you put your foot), the windshield, and the upper bodywork bracket all broke.

Homestead-Track-Day-13 Homestead-Track-Day-14 Homestead-Track-Day-15
I was a bit dazed from the collision and in no mood to get back out on the track.

One of the Penguin Racing instructors asked me if I needed help locating a new foot peg rearset assembly so that I could continue with the track day.

I declined and started packing up my gear and loading my damaged Yamaha YZF R6 on the trailer.

Homestead-Track-Day-16 Homestead-Track-Day-17
Scratched R6 Headlights

Homestead-Track-Day-19 Homestead-Track-Day-20 Homestead-Track-Day-21
Homestead-Track-Day-22 Homestead-Track-Day-23 Homestead-Track-Day-24
Homestead-Track-Day-25 Homestead-Track-Day-26 Homestead-Track-Day-27
Homestead-Track-Day-28 Homestead-Track-Day-29
New R6 Headlights
The cost of my crash during the Penguin Racing Track Day at Homestead-Miami Speedway totaled about $500.

I had to pay $80.00 for crash damage on the rented leather suit, and $420.00 for all the Genuine Yamaha OEM parts including a new headlight assembly.

Homestead-Track-Day-31 Homestead-Track-Day-32 Homestead-Track-Day-33
New R6 Rearset
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