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Pontiac Trans Am WS6 Photo Shoot
Pictures from a photo shoot of three GM Pontiac Trans Am WS6 V8 powered American muscle cars at Daytona Beach Florida.

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Pontiac-Trans-Am-Beach-Photos-01 Pontiac-Trans-Am-Beach-Photos-02
For Spring Break 2000, my friends and I traveled from Gainesville to Daytona Beach Florida.

The University of Florida spring break just happened to fall upon the same time of the year as Daytona Beach Bike Week 2000 so the town was filled with spring breakers and bikers.

One of my friends owned a Pontiac Trans Am WS6 with the LS1 Chevrolet Corvette V8 engine. While we were cruising up and down the Daytona Beach, we spotted two other General Motors made Pontiac Trans Am muscle cars.

We asked the other owners if they would be interested in getting the three Trans Am coupe sports cars together for a little photo shoot on the beach.

I had the guys line up their Trans Am muscle cars pointing towards the water and again away from the Atlantic Ocean.


Green T-Top Trans Am

The Pontiac division of General Motors, for as long as I can remember, has always been about "Driving Excitement". In 1969, Pontiac released the first Trans Am model that was based upon the F-body chassis shared by the Chevy Camaro. Then in 1970 GM started selling the second generation "Firebird" and continued with this body style until the beginning of the 80's. The third generation Trans Am began hitting the streets of the USA in 1982 and was sold until 1992. From '93 to '97, Pontiac sold the fourth generation of Trans Am Firebird cars with the body style that you see on this photo album. But then in '98 they shoe horned in the LS1 Corvette V8 engine into the Trans Am WS6 Firebird and sales climbed until GM decided to end the Trans Am car's life in 2002.

Pontiac-Trans-Am-Beach-Photos-05 Pontiac-Trans-Am-Beach-Photos-06
Ram Air Trans Am WS6

Pontiac-Trans-Am-Beach-Photos-07 Pontiac-Trans-Am-Beach-Photos-08
Pontiac Firebird Muscle Cars

My friend's car is the forest green Pontiac Trans Am WS6 on this photo album page with the bright white racing stripes streaking across the top of the hood and roof. My favorite feature of his Pontiac Firebird was the T-tops which was less open-air than a convertible top but much better than just a sunroof. The TTops allowed the Pontiac Trans Am WS6 to obtain the free flowing feel of a convertible while still maintaining the structural rigidity of a coupe. Plus, we could remove the T Tops while the car was in motion quite easily (not recommended for safety reasons) and toss them in the back seat.

3 Trans Am Beach Picture


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