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Royal Decameron Beach Resort - Panama, Central America
Pictures from a trip to the Royal Decameron Beach Resort & Hotel located in the Central American nation of Panama.

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Royal Decameron Beach Resort

Playa Blanca

Grass Tiki Beach Shades

These pictures are from a stay at the lovely Royal Decameron Beach Resort & Casino located on Playa Blanca in Farallon, Panama.

The Royal Decameron is an all inclusive hotel that cost us about $160 a night with unlimited drinks, a la carte meals, buffets, snacks, and activities.

Besides Central America, there are Decameron Resort locations in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Montego Bay Jamaica, San Salvador, and Colombia.

The Royal Decameron Beach Resort in Panama features 8 different bars, 7 restaurants, 3 snack bars, daily activities, and all tips included.

If you'd rather play some sports than lay by one of the 9 pools you can take advantage of the free tennis courts, beach volleyball court, windsurfing, kayaks, sailboats, snorkeling, and paddleboats.

Panama Morning Sunrise
Pacific Coast Line
4 Adult Pools

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3 Children's Pools
3 Jacuzzi Whirlpools
Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-010 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-011 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-012
Volleyball Court
Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-013 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-014 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-015
Water Polo Game
Nature Walk
Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-017 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-018
Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-019 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-020 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-021
Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-022 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-023 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-024

Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-025 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-026
Atlantis Buffet Restaurant
Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-029 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-030
Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-031 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-032 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-033
Royal Decameron Lobby
Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-034 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-035 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-036
Pacific Ocean
Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-037 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-038 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-039
Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-040 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-041 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-042
Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-043 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-044 Royal-Decameron-Beach-Resort-Panama-045

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