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San Diego Zoo Pictures
Photos from our trip to the world famous San Diego Zoo in sunny Southern California.

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The San Diego Zoo has a convenient elevated gondola lift (a kind of tram system) that travels over most of the zoo's 100 acres and allows for excellent picture taking opportunities.

Lush green hills and grassy fields dominate the premium real state that the Zoological Society of San Diego has been able to lease from the city of San Diego.

From the gondola you can also see part of the San Diego Wild Animal Park, where animals are allowed even more freedom than the zoo. You'll need a large zoom lens if you want to snap photos of individual animals instead of just scenery.

A few of the larger species are rotated back and forth from the San Diego Zoo to the Wild Animal Park in order to give them a vacation from their smaller habitats.

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San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-064 San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-065 San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-066
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San Diego Freeway
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San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-076 San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-077
San Diego Property
Riding the Gondola
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San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-082 San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-083 San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-084
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San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-088 San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-089 San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-090

San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-091 San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-092 San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-093
San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-094 San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-095 San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-096
San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-097 San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-098
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Giant Tortoise
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San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-106 San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-107
San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-109 San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-110 San-Diego-Zoo-Pictures-111
San Diego Sunset Picture
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