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Santa Fe Community College Teaching Zoo - Gainesville, FL
Pictures, a video clip & visitor info from a trip to the Santa Fe Community College Teaching Zoo in Gainesville, Florida.

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Paul B. Michaels
Author & Photographer
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Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-001 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-002 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-003
Capuchin Monkey
The Santa Fe Community College Teaching Zoo was created in 1970 and covers 10 acres of land on the west end of the SFCC campus.

To reach the Santa Fe Zoo, set your GPS unit for the intersection of NW 83rd St and North Road or 3000 NW 83rd St., Gainesville, FL 32606.

Then turn west on North Road and follow the signs to the zoo which lead to a student parking lot on the left just a few steps from the zoo entrance. The parking is free and plentiful since SFCC is primarily a commuter school.

Visitors are welcome at the Santa Fe Teaching Zoo every day of the week from 9 AM to 2 PM. The admission fees are $5 for adults and $4 for children or seniors. Sante Fe students, faculty, staff and children under 3 are admitted free of charge.

White Handed Gibbon
Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-005 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-006
Within the zoo there are 220 animals consisting of 75 different species. A few of the species on display include the white handed gibbon ape, white throated capuchin monkey, ocelot (wild cat), emu, springbok gazelle, red ruffed lemur, squirrel monkey, barred owl, great horned owl, kookaburra (Australian birds - hear them sing in the video below), peacock, black swan, Matschie's tree kangaroo, Asian small clawed otter, southern toad, bullfrog, American alligator, Galapagos tortoise, Florida cottonmouth, Chilean rose tarantula, Leopard gecko, Eastern indigo snake, Striped leporinus fish and ball python.
Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-008 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-009
Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-010 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-011 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-012
Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-013 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-014 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-015
Red Ruffed Lemur
Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-016 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-017 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-018
Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-019 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-020 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-021
Squirrel Monkeys
Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-022 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-023 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-024

Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-025 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-026
Kookaburra Birds
From Australia
Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-029 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-030
Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-031 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-032
Matschie's Tree Kangaroo
American Alligator
Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-034 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-035 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-036
Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-037 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-038 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-039
Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-040 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-041 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-042
Black Swan
Galapagos Tortoises
During our visit to the Santa Fe Community College Teaching Zoo, I captured a series of short video clips and later edited them together into a brief movie that runs 4 minutes long and has a file size of about 100 MB. To view or "stream" the video, click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the blue link below and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Santa Fe Community College Teaching Zoo Video Clip - Gainesville, FL

Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-046 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-047
Gould's Monitor Lizard
Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-049 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-050 Sante-Fe-Community-College-Teaching-Zoo-Gainesville-FL-051
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