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Smart Fortwo Headlight Bulbs Replacement Guide
How to change a low beam, high beam, front turn signal or side marker light bulb in a 2008 to 2014 Smart Fortwo.

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2013 Smart Fortwo Headlight
Front Plastic Grille
Push In Release Tab
This automotive maintenance tutorial was specifically written to assist owners of the second generation (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014) Smart Fortwo compact city car in changing a burnt out low beam, high beam, front turn signal or side marker light bulb in the headlight assemblies.

Owners of any Smart Fortwo models or trim levels such as the coupe hatchback, cabriolet or "cabrio", electric, pure, passion, forfour, prime and proxy may also find these DIY instructions to be helpful.

The compatible replacement light bulb part numbers are as follows: Low Beam # H7, High Beam # H7, Front Turn Signal # 2357A (or 2357NA) and Front Side Marker # 2827 or WY5W.

No tools are needed to access and replace any of the light bulbs in either the driver or passenger side headlight housings.

Swing Open Lever
Push In Other Release Tab
Swing Open 2nd Lever
In order to access the headlight bulbs, you'll first have to remove the hood (also known as the "bonnet" or "service flap").

Gently push in the release tab on the black plastic lever in towards the center of the car before swinging it open towards yourself.

Repeat the process for the lever on the other side of the black plastic grille.

Lift Front of Service Flap
Pull Forward - Swing Open
Remove Tabs - Rear Edge
Gently lift up the front edge of the service flap.

Pull the service flap slightly forward towards yourself.

Once the two black plastic tabs on the rear edge of the flap (closest to the windshield) are removed, you can pull it off the front of the car.

Insert Hooks In Openings
Passenger Side Headlight
Low Beam Rubber Cover
There are plastic hooks on the back side of the service flap.

Hang the service flap on the front edge of the car.

I just put a towel on the ground and gently let it rest on the floor.

The low beam light bulb is located at the center of the headlight housing.

Rubber Cover Removed
Base of Low Beam Bulb
Pull Off Electrical Connector
Pull the rubber cover off the back side of the low beam bulb housing.

Then gently pull the black plastic power plug off the old low beam bulb.

Metal Retaining Arms
Push Clip In & Down
Retaining Clip Released
There is a metal retaining clip that holds the low beam bulb in place.

Push in the metal loop near the top of the bulb socket and pull it down to release the metal retaining arms from their hooks.

Swing open the metal retaining arms down and off the back of the old light bulb.

Pull Out Old Light Bulb
Empty Bulb Housing
Install New Low Beam
Pull the old light bulb straight out of the housing.

Try to avoid touching the glass part of the new halogen H7 low beam light bulb with your fingers or anything greasy in the engine bay.

If you do get the new bulb dirty, wipe it clean with a paper towel and some rubbing alcohol.

Insert the new # H7 low beam bulb in to the housing.

Close Retaining Clip
Rubber Cover
Rubber Cap Replaced
Swing the retaining arms closed over the new light bulb.

Push the top of the retaining clip forward and up to secure it in the two metal hooks.

Push the power plug on to the base of the new low beam bulb.

Push the rubber cap back in to place over the low beam bulb housing.

High Beam - Inner Corner
Pull Off Rubber Cover
Base of Old High Beam
The high beam light bulb is located near the inner corner of the headlight housing.

Pull the black cover off the back side of the high beam housing.

Pull Off Power Plug
Old High Beam Bulb
Tilt Bulb Down - Pull Out
Pull the black plastic electrical connector straight off the base of the old high beam bulb.

Gently tilt the old high beam bulb down and pull it out of the housing.


High Beam Bulb Housing
Demonstration - Push Back Clip
Metal Spring Clips
If you have trouble removing the old high beam bulb, you may need to gently push down the tabs on the silver metal retaining ring that surrounds the bulb.

Use a flathead screwdriver to gently push in the metal tabs to release the old high beam bulb.

2008-2014-Smart-Fortwo-Headlight-Bulbs-Replacement-Guide-034 2008-2014-Smart-Fortwo-Headlight-Bulbs-Replacement-Guide-035
Close Up of Retaining Clips
Push In New High Beam
Push On Power Plug
Push On Rubber Cover
Push a new number H7 high beam bulb in to the housing.

Push the electrical connector straight on to the base of the new high beam bulb.

Re-attach the rubber cover on the rear of the high beam housing.

Turn Signal - Outer Corner
1/4 Turn Counterclockwise
Remove Bulb Socket
The front turn signal light bulb is located near the outer edge of the headlight housing.

Rotate the grey plastic turn signal bulb socket 1/4 turn counterclockwise before pulling it straight out of the housing.

Push Down & 1/4 Turn CC
Install New Turn Signal
1/4 Turn Clockwise - Lock
Push the old turn signal light bulb down in to the socket and rotate it 1/4 turn counterclockwise before pulling it straight out.

Push a new amber colored number 2357A light bulb down in to the socket and rotate it 1/4 turn clockwise to secure it in place.

Re-insert the bulb socket in to the housing and rotate it 1/4 turn clockwise to secure it in place.

Side Marker - Outer Corner
1/4 Turn Towards Outside
Side Marker Bulb Socket
The front side marker light bulb is located at the outer corner of the headlight housing.

To remove the front side marker bulb socket, you have to rotate it 1/4 turn towards the outside of the car.

The side marker light bulb socket removal procedure is the same for both the driver or passenger side headlight housing.

Just twist the bulb socket towards the outside of the car.

Pull Out Old Light Bulb
Push In New Light Bulb
1/4 Turn Towards Inside
Pull the old light bulb straight out of the socket.

Push in a new amber colored number 2827 or WY5W light bulb straight in to the socket.

Re-insert the bulb socket in to the housing and rotate it 1/4 turn towards the inside of the car to secure it in place.

Side Marker Bulb Replaced
Test New Headlight Bulbs
Testing High Beam Bulb
To test the new light bulbs, turn on the headlights, activate the hazard signals and flash the high beams.
Line Up Rear of Hood
Re-Insert Plastic Tabs
Close Front Edge
Carefully lift the hood (or "service flap") towards the windshield.

Re-insert the two black plastic tabs on the rear edge of the service flaps in to their corresponding slots on the cowl.

(The cowl is the black plastic area in between the service flap and the windshield.)

Push down the front edge of the service flap.

Close Plastic Latch
Push To Secure Clips
Service Cover Replaced
Swing closed the two plastic levers in the grille.

Push in the two levers to secure the retaining clips.

Double check that the service flap is securely in place.

Be sure to record the headlight bulb change in your car's service records.

For more, check out all of my 2008-2014 Smart Fortwo DIY Repair & Maintenance Guides.

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