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CampJeep "Jeep Ride" Off Road Course
Pictures from the CampJeep "Jeep Ride" off-road demonstration area at the 2006 South Florida International Auto Show in Miami Beach.

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"CampJeep" Jeep Ride
Camp-Jeep-Off-Road-Course-002 Camp-Jeep-Off-Road-Course-003
One of the special attractions at the 2006 South Florida International Auto Show was the CampJeep Jeep Ride off-road obstacle & 4x4 vehicle demonstration area set up outside the Miami Beach Convention Center.

By the time my brother and I went out to check out the CampJeep area, there was no line, but we were tired and decided to head for our car in the parking lot.


Jeep SUV Climbing Hill
Articulation & Water Course
It looked like they had an "articulation" vehicle challenge, a water course, a large wooden hill, and also a banked dirt curve.

I thought that maybe you would be allowed to drive the Jeep vehicle yourself, but in reality, a qualified Jeep employee would be doing the driving in a safe and controlled manner.

That's no fun.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
Jeep 4x4 Tearing It Up

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