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Spiny Backed Orb Weaver Spider - Boca Raton, FL
Pictures of a Spiny Backed Orb Weaver or "crab" spider spotted in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Florida.

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Spiny-Backed-Orb-Weaver-Spider-Boca-Raton-FL-001 Spiny-Backed-Orb-Weaver-Spider-Boca-Raton-FL-002 Spiny-Backed-Orb-Weaver-Spider-Boca-Raton-FL-003
The spiny backed orb weaver, such as the one pictured here on this page, is one of my favorite spiders to photograph.

Its species name is Gasteracantha cancriformis, but is more commonly known by other names such as the crab spider, crab-like orbweaver, jewel box spider, smiley face spider, spiny bellied orbweaver, and crab-like spiny orbweaver.

This particular spider was spotted in the city of Boca Raton in Palm Beach County, Florida. They are also found in Central America, Cuba, Jamaica, North Carolina, South Carolina, California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Georgia and other southern U.S. states.

The spiny-backed orb weaver is not dangerous and like most spiders, it helps to control the local flying insect population.

Spiny-Backed-Orb-Weaver-Spider-Boca-Raton-FL-004 Spiny-Backed-Orb-Weaver-Spider-Boca-Raton-FL-005 Spiny-Backed-Orb-Weaver-Spider-Boca-Raton-FL-006

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