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Stingray Dark Beer Review - Cayman Islands
A review and pictures of Stingray Dark Beer from Grand Cayman Island located in the Caribbean Sea.

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Stingray-Beer-Review-Cayman-01 Stingray-Beer-Review-Cayman-02 Stingray-Beer-Review-Cayman-03
Stingray Dark Beer is a product of the Cayman Islands which are located in the tropical Caribbean Sea.

Immediately upon pouring the Stingray dark beer, I noticed that it had very little carbonation and a sweet honey aroma.

As per the name, Stingray beer is darker than the popular American lager such as most Budweiser beers. It wasn't as dark as a Guinness, instead the Stingray beer had a color similar to Amber Bock.

Swirling the Stingray dark beer around in my stubby glass and sniffing the beverage revealed a hint of coffee scent with a strong reminder of the honey flavor.

This beer reminded me of the less exotic "Honey Brown Lager" which is brewed in Rochester, New York.

Stingray-Beer-Review-Cayman-04 Stingray-Beer-Review-Cayman-05
Stingray Dark Beer

As I mentioned previously, Stingray Dark Beer has a minimal amount of carbonation which may be a pleasant surprise to those of you who are sensitive to highly carbonated beverages. I, on the other hand, find myself missing the crisp invigorating carbonation of common beers such as light American lagers.

Stingray-Beer-Review-Cayman-07 Stingray-Beer-Review-Cayman-08
Product of the Cayman Islands

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