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Tampa Bay Bolts Vs. Florida Panthers @ St. Pete Times Forum
Pictures, a video clip, and visitor info from the Tampa Bay Lightning Bolts Vs. Florida Panthers NHL hockey game held on 2-19-11.

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Paul B. Michaels
Author & Photographer
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St. Pete Times Forum
JumboTron TV
The Tampa Bay Lightning Bolts took on the Florida Panthers at the Saint Pete Times Forum on Saturday, February 19th, 2011 at 7:30 PM.

We were fortunate to get free tickets for the game from friends who participated in the 10th annual Bolt Run. The three races (5k, 5 miles, & 1 mile) were to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. The main sponsor of the event was Vitamin Water.

Unfortunately, the Bolts lost to the Panthers 3 to 2 in the final shootout. This was the third time the Tampa Bay Lightning Bolts lost in the shootout to the Panthers in the four games they've played against each other this season.

Despite the loss, it was a close and exciting game with a few brief altercations on the ice including a brutal hit from Mike Weaver when he slammed Stamkos into the plexiglass barrier.

Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-004 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-005 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-006
The St. Pete Times Forum is located at 401 Channelside Drive, Tampa FL 33602. To reach the St. Pete Times Forum staff, call (813) 301-6500.
Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-007 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-008 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-009
Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-010 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-011 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-012
Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-013 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-014 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-015
Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-016 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-017 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-018

Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-019 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-020 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-021
Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-022 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-023 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-024
Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-025 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-026 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-027
Bolts Cheerleaders
Panthers 1 - Bolts 2 2nd Period
Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-031 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-032 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-033
During the game, I captured a few short video clip and later edited them together into one movie. To view the video, click on the blue link below. To download the movie to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Tampa Bay Bolts Vs. Florida Panthers Video Clip

Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-034 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-035 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-036
Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-037 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-038 Tampa-Bay-Lightning-Bolts-Vs-Florida-Panthers-St-Pete-Times-Forum-039
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