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Tarcoles River Crocodile Feeding - Costa Rica
Pictures and a video clip of American Crocodiles being fed from a bridge over the Tarcoles River in Costa Rica.

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Rio Grande De Tarcoles

Narrow Pedestrian Walkway

American Crocodile

On the way from the San Jose (SJO) airport to Jaco Beach, our bus driver stopped just before a bridge.

He then informed us that we would be taking a 15 minute pit stop for anyone who wanted to use the bathroom at the small roadside store or go check out the crocodiles in the river.

Apparently this is a very common stop for anyone traveling from San Jose to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. There were several other buses and a few private vehicles parked on either side of the bridge.

I realize that many people who appreciate nature, such as ourselves, frown upon the act of feeding wild animals.

It was obvious from the roadside stands that sold raw chicken and the congregation of crocodiles below the bridge that this practice had been going on for years.

Basking In The Sun
Grande De Tarcoles River
Crocodiles Below Bridge
While I was taking pictures of these American Crocodiles in the Tarcoles River with my Canon S5 IS digital camera, another tourist stepped onto the bridge next to me with a big bag full of sausages. He started throwing large chunks of sausage down into the river where the hungry crocodiles were waiting. The crocodiles lazily swam over to snatch the sausage with a few minor scuffles breaking out in the largest groups.
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-007 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-008
Crocodile Swimming
To see a video of these American Crocodiles swimming around the Tarcoles River in Costa Rica and snacking on some sausages, click on the link below. The movie is encoded in the Windows Media (WMV) format, runs a little over a minute long, and has a file size of 18 megabytes. To save the video to your hard drive, right click and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" depending on which browser you are using.

Tarcoles River Crocodile Feeding Video - Costa Rica, Central America

Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-010 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-011 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-012
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-013 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-014 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-015
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-016 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-017 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-018
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-019 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-020 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-021
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-022 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-023 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-024

Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-025 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-026 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-027
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-028 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-029
Fighting Over Sausage
20+ Crocodiles Group
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-032 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-033
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-034 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-035 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-036
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-037 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-038 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-039
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-040 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-041
Ossified Scutes On Back
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-043 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-044
Mouth Open, Sharp Teeth
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-046 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-047 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-048
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-049 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-050
Walking Away
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-052 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-053 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-054
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-055 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-056 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-057
Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-058 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-059 Tarcoles-River-Crocodile-Feeding-Costa-Rica-060
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We also experienced the Waterfalls Canopy Tour, Manuel Antonio National Park, the Fincas Naturales Wildlife Refuge, Hotel "Si Como No", The Backyard Bar on Playa Hermosa, a Playa De Jaco Sunset, and the bus ride from Jaco Beach to San Jose that winded through the tropical countryside.

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