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The Dig - Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, The Bahamas
Pictures, a video clip and visitor information from "The Dig" marine exhibit at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island.

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The Dig Attraction
South Anteroom
The best place to wait out a sun shower while staying at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas is down in The Dig & Ruins Lagoon attraction that features over twenty thousand marine animals.

A few of the creatures contained within the 2.3 million gallon marine habitat include lobsters, Lionfish, moral eel, piranha fish, coral reefs, zebra sharks, eagle rays, grouper, seahorses, jellyfish, clownfish and many others.

Other features of this ancient city of Atlantis re-creation are the touch tank exhibit, jewel tank exhibit, fresco art mural, an Atlantean laboratory, the Navigation Room, and the Submarine Room.

Kids will most enjoy the touch tank exhibit where you can feel sea cucumbers, sea urchins, horseshoe crabs, starfish and queen conch.

The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-004 The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-005 The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-006
The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-007 The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-008
Illuminated Jellyfish
The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-011 The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-012
The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-013 The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-014 The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-015
Moray Eel

Ancient Atlantis Dive Suit
The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-019 The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-020 The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-021
During our walk through The Dig, I captured some video clips and later edited them into a short movie. To view the video, click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

The Dig Marine Animals Exhibit - Atlantis Resort, The Bahamas

The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-022 The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-023 The-Dig-Atlantis-Resort-Paradise-Island-Bahamas-024
Manta Rays
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